Gift Buyers' Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

Gift Buyers’ Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

According to the Andy Williams song, the Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year. A part of this is getting gifts, but I’ve found that some of the greatest joy comes from giving meaningful gifts to others.

So, what do you get the guy — whether he’s your dad, significant other, son, family member, or pal — who’s a bow tie devotee? You might want to check out for a wide variety of bow tie designs. Alternatively, you have many options below:

The Rest of the Wardrobe

The devotee in your life is likely a dandy who — whether he admits it or not — enjoys standing out through his outfit. Whether he’s a hipster or not, you know that many types of men wear bow ties (Southern gents, lawyers, and academics to name a few), and they can use their neckwear to accentuate various different parts of the quirky and endearing aspects of contemporary manhood. So, while bow ties are certainly one of his signature statements, he probably appreciates other ways to make sartorial statements.

Thus, you can get him any of a variety of other mens accessories. Among other things, they can include hats, lapel pins, pocket squares, suspenders, and cuff links. Use this Pinterest board for inspiration.

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Use His Personality for Inspiration

The dude you’re buying a gift for is part of a strong fellowship of men who share the same penchant for neckwear. Just as I suggest for helping get a dad into a bow tie for Father’s Day, you can also find a inspiration for a current devotee based upon the famous men who wear bow ties he most admires.

  • Political dads will find Winston Churcill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, and other politicos in the Bow Tie Caucus.
  • Smartypants fathers can join many other academics like Gordon Gee, who has served as president of both Western Virginia University and Ohio State.
  • Scientific dudes can follow Bill Nye the Science Guy’s lead.
  • Sport enthusiasts can emulate football player Dhani Jones or get into the action by taking inspiration from boxing referees.
  • Foodies can channel their inner Alton Brown.
  • Legal eagles have retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
  • Geeks have not one but two doctors from Doctor Who.
  • Time lords aren’t the only type of doctors who wear them; medical doctors are also known to wear them.
  • Funny guys can join Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
  • The hip and music loving guys can look to Questlove of The Legendary Roots Crew and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Belgium’s Stromae.
  • Dads who have climbed or are climbing the corporate ladder can find a colleague in Bloomberg’s Tom Keene.
  • If a dandy needs a nudge, just mention Manolo Blahnik.

For some visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board.

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Don’t forget fictional devotees, too. Depending upon the movies, TV shows, books, and games the guy in your life enjoys, you can also draw upon the world of fiction for inspiration as well.

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Holiday Themed Ties

When buying gifts during the holiday season, one is likely buying for items for use during the rest of the year. However, if you’re in the market for a holiday bow tie, then I like items like the Holly Station from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. While sticking to a red and green color scheme for the holiday, it also wisely limits its design elements. The main features are strands of Holly and an engine from a toy train. Even the two patterns in the red strands work well together. Overall, go with a tie that has holiday elements without overdoing them in the pattern.

In Sum

Many men who wear bow ties certainly embrace their own quirkiness and other eccentricities as they know that this makes them stand out as individuals. They enjoy celebrating that by how they dress. So, as you hunt for the perfect gift for the bow tie devotee in your life, go ahead and focus on the fun parts of his personality. Allow that to make something that many people dread — shopping for gifts — fun.