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Justin Timberlake Bow Tie Quote: “A gentleman can never have too many bow ties.”

Up until this point, the Bow Tie Quotes section of this blog is its most popular. One reason for that is that people love to talk about neckwear that makes them happy.

One such bloke is singer and actor Justin Timberlake. During a concert on December 14, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York a 10 year old fan gave him a gift. It was a bow tie, and Timberlake was very flattered with this thoughtful gift.

While thanking the fan for this wonderful present, he told him, “The greatest gift ever – because a gentleman can never have too many bow ties.”

If someone as influential — which also involves fashion — as Timberlake feels that true gentlemen need bow ties, that means a lot. Clearly, he has a great fashion sense.

This wonderful statement emphasizes the importance to behave in a way that makes people grateful that they have the opportunity to know them. This means that one must treat others nicely and with great respect. If people associate various sartorial elements with gentlemen, then it behooves men who dress well to live up to their wardrobe.

So, one of my biggest takeaways from Timberlake’s sentiment is that the fellowship of bow tie wearers is one that commands respect. There are many different type of men who sport these ties — hipsters, Southerners, and academics among others. As I have noted, bow ties make people happy, and that’s largely attributed to the fact that people associate goodwill with those who wear them. Perhaps they have a father, grandfather, friend, favorite teacher, or mentor who wears them. Another likely scenario is that they know someone with endearing quirks and eccentricities who isn’t afraid of punctuating them with his fashion decisions.

While an occasional jerk or twit may sport one, that doesn’t condemn the rest of the lot. Further, none of us are perfect; we all have bad days and moments. However, tomorrow is another day and a time to do better.

Therefore, just as a gentleman can never have enough bow ties, they also can never have enough good manners and decency. That’s why it is important to use fashion for good.

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