10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year's Eve Parties

10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

New Year's PartyAccording to the Bows ‘n Ties bow tie infographic, New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular occasions for wearing bow ties. It certainly is a time to dress up and look extra elegant.

It’s definitely a night to celebrate, and depending upon one’s life at that specific time, people sometimes look back while others look forward. So, what do you do when you’re invited to a formal New Year’s Eve party? Here are some ideas:

1. Need a tux? Have some fun.

Some parties institute a black tie attire dress code, which requires a tuxedo. Going with a traditional black tux is certainly a great option. However, on an evening like this, it is fine to have some fun. This is what Kevin Spacey did with his very dapper Burberry dark blue tuxedo at the 2014 Oscars. Don’t shy away from wearing something other than black and white in your tie and suit.

2. Wear a bold color.

Not every party requires a black tie. During this holiday one can get away with bold decisions. So, feel free to wear dark reds, blues, or another vibrant color. As the bubbly will flow at a party, go ahead and wear a tie with a champagne hue.

3. Remember the past year.

This a good time to look forward, but what if you accomplished something great or experienced something meaningful during the past year? If you were part of a wedding party, you could wear your tie from the wedding to continue celebrating the nuptials. If you graduated from college, you can wear a tie with your alma mater’s colors.

4. Look forward.

Just as you can commemorate the past, you can also look forward to the coming year with excitement. If you’re moving to the American South, you can sport a bow tie since they’re popular where you’re relocating. If you’ll complete a law, medical, or doctorate degree, you can dress like a lawyer, doctor, or professor by wearing a bow tie, which these types of men are sometimes associated with, before you’re done.

5. Coordinate with your date.

During a term abroad during college, one of the ladies in my group once blurted out, “Roommates should have matching accessories.” I’ll admit to chuckling after I heard that declaration, but I get it now. Matching is important. So, if you’re significant other is going to wear a specific color in their outfit, match the color in your tie. People will appreciate it.

6. Win the costume party.

If you’re attending a costume party, take some advice from Halloween. Dress up as a famous bow tie devotee. There are plenty — real and fictional.

7. Adopt a new philosophy for a new year.

The most popular part of the site is the bow tie quotes section. People love them and love to talk about them. So, pick a quote, wear a bow tie you associate with it, and use it as a conversation starter at the party. For instance, former NFL player Dhani Jones was inspired when his friend Kunta Littlejon told him:

If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bow tie.

Jones was impressed and has turned that quip into inspiration both for his style and life as he uses his influence to help others. What could you do?

8. Use it for cocktail fodder.

Once people stop complimenting you about your bow tie, you can impress them with interesting bow tie facts. Did you know that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat initially resisted Matt Smith’s desire to wear a bow tie as the Doctor? How about this? Boxing referees are required in some places to wear bow ties.

9. Start a tradition.

Winston Churchill wore bow ties as a tribute to his father. A new year brings an opportunity to start a sartorial tradition with one’s father, brother, significant other, or other pal. Of course, the tradition should represent a meaningful commitment to doing something significant like fighting a disease, fathering children well, staying in touch, or supporting each other no matter what.

10. Tie your own.

It should go without saying, tie your own tie! GQ states that imperfection in the tie’s appearance is not only acceptable but expected, too. Besides, other people may ask you if you tied it yourself, and you can impress them by saying that you did. You can further wow them by teaching them how to tie one, too.

Overall, have fun at your party. Use these ideas to help you and others have a good time ringing in a new year.