2015 Bow Tie Events

2015 Bow Tie Events

As 2015 begins, it is time to look forward with excitement for the great events that the year will bring. Here are a few ones to start planning for:

National Bow Tie Day 2015

August 28 is a very important day that people celebrate one of the most beloved types of neckwear — and dear I say fashion statement. There are plenty of ways to celebrate including participating in bow tie themed fundraisers like Skip the Clip.

Horse Races

Crazy Kentucky Derby 2014 Outfit

Kentucky Derby 2014 (Source: landonnordeman)

The dress code for horse races allows for great latitude of what one can wear, and bow ties are very appropriate for attending such occasions. In the United States, there’s the Triple Crown that consists of the Kentucky Derby (first Saturday of May in Louisville, KY), Preakness Stakes (third Saturday of May in Baltimore, MD), and Belmont Stakes (third Saturday following the Preakness in Elmont, NY) races. There’s also Australia’s Melbourne Cup (first Tuesday of November in Melbourne, VIC). Of course, there are plenty of other races.

El Cupid Bow Tie from Beau Ties, Ltd. of Vermont

El Cupid Bow Tie from Beau Ties, Ltd. of Vermont

While there are specific dates (like anniversaries) that are very special to specific individuals and couples, February 14 is one of the most romantic days of the year. That’s why it is very important to dress well in order to impress one’s romantic partner. That’s why a bow tie — particularly with a color palette based on reds and pinks — is a great choice.


Although these shindigs no longer typically have a black tie or white tie dress code for attire, lax dress standards aren’t a license for shabbiness. One should always look sharp in order to celebrate the start of a couple’s life together — whether as a groom, member of the wedding party, or guest. One way to do that is to sport a bow tie.

New Year’s Eve

Bows ‘n Ties conducted research and learned that New Year’s Eve is the most popular time to wear a bow tie. One reason for this is that parties that evening typically require nice attire, and people like to dress up on such occasions. So, wear one and have fun.

These aren’t the only times to wear a bow tie during 2015 or any year. However, these are extra special times to.