Top 10 Bow Tie Blog Posts of 2014

Top 10 Bow Tie Blog Posts of 2014

I started this blog back in November 2013, and that makes 2014 its first full calendar year in existence. Of course, as a new site, traffic to the blog was much lower during the first part of the year, but it grew throughout the year as word spread, I changed my hosting service, click to investigate who I chose, I wrote more posts, and SEO factors kicked in. Hopefully, traffic will continue its upward trend. One reason for the traffic increase is down to my SEO efforts. I didn’t understand the real importance of SEO, the need to secure relevant backlinks until I read a review similar to this one on the Indexsy website. Suddenly, I began giving companies like Rhino Rank ago to secure their Curated Links to my websites. It’s helped me up the rankings to say the least.

It’s almost obligatory — perhaps downright cliché — to write a top posts post of the year, but here we go with a list of the most visited posts on this blog in 2014.

1. Bow Tie Quotes

This surprised me that this is the most visited post on the blog so far. I know that people like bow ties, and it seems that they also like sayings about them. Another factor to consider is that as a new niche blog, the keywords I would rank for are rather long tail. Either way, I’ve decided to cater some to that audience by creating a bow tie quotes category with related posts.

2. August 28 is National Bow Tie Day in the USA

I wrote about National Bow Tie Day back in January when I first learned about this glorious day, and that gave the post some time to gain some SEO juice by the time August rolled around when people were searching for information about the day. Like with quotes, I created a National Bow Tie Day category with other posts about the day. I can’t wait to see what traffic next year will bring as my SEO for the search terms improve and as my retailing friends reach out to me again.

3. 10 Interesting Facts about Bow Ties

This is a post of fun factoids about bow ties. The idea is that this would help people appear smarter during cocktail party chit chat fodder and pub trivia. If all else fails, these facts can serve as the basis for posts if I run into writer’s block.

4. Why Winston Churchill Wore Bow Ties

If there was ever a patron saint of bow ties, I would argue that former British Prime Minster Winston Churchill is a good candidate. He was a ferocious lion who roared when his empire needed him and simultaneously was a consistent character (of the charming and eccentric kind). He epitomizes the notion that this neckwear is only for blokes with strong and endearing personalities.

5. 10 Ways to Celebrate National Bow Tie Day

My friends at Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont contacted me in anticipation of National Bow Tie Day, and with that great reminder, I wrote this post about various ways to observe the holiday. Although there was little time for SEO juice to kick in, I did link to this from my first post about the holiday that enjoyed decent ranking and — perhaps most importantly — some help from Beau Ties Ltd. and others for promoting it via social media.

6. Notable Bow Tie Wearing Characters

Just like in real life, even interesting fictional fellas wear bow ties. Even make believe gentlemen need personalities to match their neckwear.

7. Bow Ties Aren’t Just for Hipsters

My goal when writing this post was to make it clear that many different types of men can sport bow ties. While hipsters are currently a fascination of culture at large, these skinny jean wearing dudes aren’t alone in this sartorial fraternity. Think about southern gentlemen, academics, and doctors to just name a few.

8. Why I Wear Bow Ties

Regardless if this post gets a lot of traffic or not, I think that it is one of the more important ones on this blog. This is my baby, and this post sheds some light on my back story with the neckwear. Basically, bow ties make people happy, and it is fun to see people smile when they see me wear one.

9. Untied Bow Ties

In retrospect, this post is probably mistitled and a bit off the mark. I’ll own up to it. My desire when writing this post was to provide another reason why it is important for guys to tie their own bow ties. The reason is that traditional bow ties look far better untied than the pre-tied variety. I stand by that assertion, but as I note in the post, the vast majority of the time one should have their bow tie tied. It’s just the classy thing to do, and I hope that people don’t take this post as license to start using an untied bow tie as a wise statement.

10. Wonder Lee’s Eco-friendly Bow Ties

While I wear traditional bow ties, I do appreciate those who add some fun variety to the mix. Wonder Lee is one gal who does that. In fact, she recycles and repurposes materials — like LEGO® pieces — when making her ties. The fact that Questlove (Ahmir Khalib Thompson), DJ and drummer for The Legendary Roots Crew, has worn them on TV as part of his gig on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is rather impressive.

Of the 120 posts I’ve written (phew!) so far these were the 10 most visited ones in 2014. I wonder what the popular ones of 2015 will be…