Five Bow Ties

Bow Ties at Church

Mormon Bow Tie DiscussionI’ve already wondered why I don’t see more bow ties at church. Granted, I’ve seen more men wear them over the past few years as they’ve enjoyed increased popularity, but I still don’t see them on many guys.

Last year I commissioned C.D. Hermelin, the Roving Typist, who writes unique stories using his typewriting for a modest fee, to theorize why more people don’t wear bow ties to church. Apparently, one guy got all choked up once wearing one and vowed to fight them for the rest of his life. Sigh.

So, on a whim, I decided to google the topic again and stumbled upon a mommy forum discussion about if bow ties are appropriate in the Mormon church. Apparently, back in 2012, a local leader of a congregation decided that a boy couldn’t participate in officiating an ordinance while wearing one. The mother was upset enough to the ask the Internet if she had misjudged the situation by allowing her son to wear the neckwear.

Despite a current ban on missionaries from wearing them, many forum participants chimed in defending the neckwear’s appropriateness and desirability within the church. Some mothers dress their young sons with them, and some men wear them.

One person quipped that if the worst thing the youth are doing in that congregation is wearing anything but the dominant type of tie, then that congregation is doing pretty well. Ha! Isn’t part of the point of wearing bow ties is to show a sense of defiance and rugged individuality? There are bow tie quotes attesting to those virtues of blokes of that sartorial persuasion. Heaven forbid that Mormon men and male youth foment a fashion brouhaha!

However, I do want to highlight what RamsfanRay wrote in this thread:

I had a Bishop that liked to wear bow ties. The only person that ever objected was his wife.

I giggled when I read this.

One of the main reasons why I — and I assume other men — wear bow ties is that it helps me stand out in a positive way with the ladies. It’s fun to get the attention and to flirt, and it is even funner when a women swoons over my tie in front of other guys. This is positive attention. Even men in relationships can remain faithful to their significant others while enjoying compliments from other women. In fact, even other men will also compliment.

So, it is kind of silly that it appears that this one bloke seems to wear bow ties to his wife’s chagrin. There are few theories I have about this observation. First, RamsfanRay is likely playing up the wife’s true reaction for fun. Second, perhaps RamsfanRay caught the couple in an argument that had nothing to do with the neckwear. Third, perhaps the guy is playing it up for laughs. Fourth, maybe the wife truly despises them (I hope not!).

Regardless of any of these theories, I think that RamsfanRay is telling the truth. My guess is that guy wears bow ties to get a reaction out of his wife, and that is purely flirtatious. She may have a thing for “bad boys” and feels grateful neckwear is the least of her worries.

I’m not married yet, but I hope that bow ties are key to what attracts my future wife to me and that they play an integral part in our life together. That’s what I think is the case with this couple.