Chatter Box Crab Bow Tie

Bow Tie Review: Chatterbox Shop’s Crab Tie

Chatterbox Shop Crab Bow Tie

Chatter Box Crab Bow Tie

A few weeks ago Christine contacted me about her Etsy shop Chatterbox Shop (now Dragonfly Bow Ties), and I was very intrigued.

She offered to send me a bow tie, and I decided to let her surprise me. I’m glad that I did. When the box finally arrived, the suspense was killing me… What did she send me? She sent me her crab bow tie from her nautical themed selection. For several reasons, I love it.

First, I spent several years living in Maryland, a state that prides itself on its crabs — they’re delicious. In fact, the Maryland Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) is the official Maryland state crustacean, and as of right now, according to Wikipedia, only Louisiana and Oregon have similar symbols in the United States. So, having said that, it is very important to note that Christine is a Maine-based bow tie maker. Thus, I don’t want to diminish the greatness of seafood from Maine; it’s also delicious. Either way, Christine selected a great pattern for me, and we can bond in the splendor of two great states we have pride in.

Second, the pattern just works. Blue and red are its primary colors, and the color palette allows the main element — the crustaceans — to shine. As they should.

Third, I like how thick the fabric is. This has several benefits. One of the main ones is that the thickness actually makes it easier to tie. I’ve found that thinner ties are sometimes hard to form a nice knot. Further, as a thicker tie, it holds it shape better than thinner ties. This makes it a lot easier to tie and forget and not worry about it getting too off kilter.

Fourth, I got a lot of compliments about it the first time I wore it several days ago. I wore it to a going away party, which 1) made it very appropriate to wear a wonderful bow tie and 2) inappropriate for me to stop and take notes whenever someone said something nice. In addition to all of the variations of “Great bow tie!” I heard, my favorite comment was that it is a “conversation starter.” That came up when a friend complimented it, and then I excitedly explained the whole Maryland thing. This bow tie is a gift that keeps on giving.

Fifth, the crab theme works well for other important events. Christine says that it makes a great thing to wear to a beach wedding. It would also work for a fancy seafood dinner; people celebrate big over seafood.

This bow tie is just the tip of the iceberg. Chatterbox Shop (now Dragonfly Bow Ties) also offers bow ties for boys and matching suspenders. Christine also sent a bow tie for my young nephew, and I’m going to offer a review of that in another post.