Boy Wearing Bow Tie

Bow Ties for Boys

Boy Wearing Bow TieMen of all ages can wear bow ties. This neckwear is meant for anyone willing to brave the novelty of wearing something that many other men don’t. That includes boys.

All one has to do is visit Pinterest and search for baby boy pictures. So many mothers love to dress up their young boys using bow ties. In fact, this obsession regarding such cuteness, is very wide spread. If we were to count infants, toddlers, and pre-teen males, the percentage of men who don our favorite neckwear would increase dramatically. However, should we hold these young gents to the same standards of males who are teenagers and older?

Pre-Tied Ties Are Suitable For Some Boys

There are many reasons why mothers dress their young sons with bow ties. Of course, there’s the cute factor. Perhaps their husbands wear them, and they are trying to start a father and son tradition. There are so many other potential reasons.

I’m all for young boys wearing bow ties. Let’s start them young and instill a sense of fashion confidence that can serve them well in other parts of their lives.

However, when it comes to young kids, we should grant an exception. Pre-tied ties are acceptable for a few reasons. First, as anyone who has tried to dress a kid can attest, it is not easy. Trying to tie neckwear around a rowdy, restless kid is virtually impossible. Second, many young gents don’t appreciate wearing nice clothes yet. Thus, neckwear is one of the first things that they may try to rip off. So, why force them to expend more effort to take a tie off when such an attempt may damage it? Third, boys are busy guys. Boys like to play with things — including their clothes. While a little crookedness and floppiness are acceptable, an outright disheveled state is unacceptable. A pre-tied tie can help combat the fate of a young guy’s clothes when he has the propensity to continually fuss with his neckwear. The important thing to keep in mind here is that such reasons only apply to young guys.

Most Of Us Should Tie Our Own

As I have said in the past, men should tie their own bow ties. There are a few reasons. First, wearing such neckwear is a bold sartorial statement since few men wear them. Thus, someone who decides to wear them should invest time and effort to learn how to tie them. Second, GQ and other men’s fashion authorities not only grant but expect slight imperfections with bow ties. One should take advantage of such liberty. Third, pre-tied options are meant to appear perfect, and fixation on such detail can lead one to focus on themselves — or what’s around their neck — and not others. Fourth, it is harder to adjust width of the blades to match one’s face (too wide and too narrow look off). In fact, I recently saw a male Starbucks barista wear a pre-tied one that was too wide for his face. Yes, I’m snobby. Fifth, it is so much fun to show off one’s skills for others to admire. Of course, there are many other reasons, but those are some of the main ones.

So, let’s allow boys to be boys. They’re welcome in the bow tie brotherhood, and due to their nature, they get a little more slack than the rest of us — as long as they grow into the responsibility to their own later on.