Born Sneakers and Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes

Fashion Confessions of a Bow Tie Blogger

I wish that I could say that I dress fabulously all of time. While I fancy myself as someone with a more than a decent sense of fashion, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my difficulties. Here are a few things that give me trouble.


First off, I don’t find Denim as a fabric very comfortable. It can feel rough on my skin — especially in comparison to fabrics of other types of pants.

Another thing that was tricky was the trend a few years ago with strong washes. My parents laughed that it almost seemed that the worse condition jeans were the more expensive they were. Fortunately, I wore out my most trendy pairs before the trend subsided. However, it makes it hard to consider the various colors and washes.

Ha! It takes me years to find a new pair of jeans.


I don’t think that I’m the only one who has trouble accepting their true size. Very few of us easily accept our shape and size. In fact, even gym rats, bodybuilders, and rabid athletes are probably more obsessed with their bodies than the rest of us since they spend so much time working out.

For me, it is hard to look back at my body in my late teens through my mid twenties. While I wish I had more muscle mass, I was more slender than I am now and more toned. Granted, I’m still in decent shape for my age, but I wouldn’t mind losing 10 pounds and a couple of inches off of my waist. Further, I’m very suspicious that I’m experiencing vanity sizing as a man, which means that clothes are actually larger than their labels claim. Ladies, you have my sympathy as all y’all have suffered from vanity sizing much longer than us dudes.

For these reasons, I catch myself buying jeans — see above — that are tight in the crotch. I’ve had to accept buying shirts one size up from where I want to buy. Fortunately, these fit issues don’t affect me that much when it comes to clothes that are business casual and more formal; this issue really afflicts me when it comes to casual clothes.


Born Sneakers and Kenneth Cole Dress ShoesKenneth Cole ruined me. Years ago, I found these great square toed shoes with a buckle. This was during college, and the ladies loved them. I wore them with dress slacks. I also could dress them down and wear them with jeans. They were incredible, and I got them for half off, too!

A few years later I found a pair of sweet suede shoes by Born. They were orange and white, and like my Kenneth Cole dress shoes, I could get them to work with dress slacks (not every outfit, but they were versatile) as well as casual outfits. I got a lot of compliments about them from guys and gals. Also like my Kenneth Cole shoes, I got them half off, too!

As you can see in the picture here, I wore them for years and wore them out. On a rare occasion I wear them now, but they they’ve seen their glory days. In both cases, I’ve looked for similar shoes and have vowed to buy them regardless of the price on the spot as long as they fit, but, alas, that hasn’t happened.

This picture doesn’t do them justice, but believe me. Lightening struck twice. Given the fact that I’m not rolling in dough nor am fortunate enough to have someone else pay for my wardrobe, I have a hard time justifying spending much on footwear when the shoes aren’t in the same league as my two favorite pair. Unfortunately, whenever I look at a higher price brackets than I typically consider, I still don’t find shoes that knock my socks off.


Have I wrecked my fashion blogger credibility? Am I niche and specialized enough from these sartorial weaknesses to keep your trust? Am I the only one who has fashion weaknesses?