Geeky Bow Ties for Pi Day and Albert Einstein's Birthday

Geeky Bow Ties for Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s Birthday

Geeky Bow Ties from Beau Ties Ltd.

Geeky Bow Ties from Beau Ties Ltd.

Did you know that renowned scientist Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day (March 14 -> 3/14 -> Π = 3.14)?

I didn’t until today when my friends at Beau Ties Ltd. contacted me about their geeky wares. For instance, check out their Science Collection. In fact, there was a Pi-themed sale that started on Saturday, March 14, 2015 with a 31.4% discount on the ties pictured here; it ended the next day, Sunday, at Midnight.

Get Your Nerd On

While Science and Math are considered nerdy, that doesn’t mean that their enthusiasts aren’t cool. Whether it is Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, or the comic con phenomenon, geeks are cool now. Why not show off that passion through a tasteful touch to one’s outfit?

The great thing about mens neckwear is that it presents great opportunities for one to show some of their personality in a way that is noticeable but not overpowering. In settings requiring gents to wear a tie, there are few other ways to safely do so. For instance, a dress shirt, suit jacket, or slacks with a pattern with molecules is extremely hard to pull off well.

This is how ties and other accessories can offer opportunities. A pocket square is one item that can serve this purpose. Cuff links present a prime opportunity for showing some personality. The wonderful thing about bow ties is that they put this personality in the limelight — right below one’s face where people pay a lot of attention to.

Geek Chic For Everyone

There are many different types of men who are associated with bow ties. Those include professors, southern gentlemen, lawyers, and hipsters. However, the fellowship is more expansive than many likely think. Geeks are found among these ranks, and they may even enjoy the company of a more rowdy crowd — frat boys (hey, there are some top blokes doing great things through fraternities). So, many different types of dudes should feel free to represent the fellowship well.

There are many places to find bow ties to show one’s nerdy side, and Beau Ties Ltd. is more than geeky enough to help.