Chatterbox Shop Patriotic Bow Tie

Bow Tie Review: Chatterbox Shop’s Patriotic Tie

Chatterbox Shop Patriotic Bow Tie

Chatterbox Shop Patriotic Bow Tie

Meet my nephew. Isn’t he a handsome fellow? Although he isn’t even a year old yet, he appears to have a modeling career in his future.

Several weeks ago, Christine contacted me about her Etsy shop Chatterbox Shop (now Dragonfly Bow Ties). She wanted to send me some bow ties to review, and I was happy to oblige. She sent me two — one for me and one for my young nephew. You can read about the crab themed one for me; basically, it is a great conversation starter.

At my sister’s request, Christine sent one of her Patriotic Bow Ties with a black background with red, white, and blue stars. In addition to wanting to show a strong love of her country, my sister was drawn to this particular one for a very good reason. My nephew’s two older sisters have matching dresses that have a pattern very similar to his tie. So, on the Fourth of July, he can coordinate with them. My sister is a thinker.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I take the stance that gents should tie their own bow ties. There are numerous reasons for this. One of them is the fact that having neckwear that’s always perfectly aligned just isn’t natural and can lead the wearer to appear too obsessed with perfection. Also, most people are unnecessarily intimidated by tying their own, and showing others that you know how to tie your own will impress them. Further, respected mens fashion authorities like GQ explicitly have stated that a bow tie should appear a little off kilter, and not taking fashion experts’ guidance in this regard isn’t wise. So, man up and learn how to create a knot.

Having said that, I feel that my young nephew is exempt from this expectation. Pre-tied options are acceptable for young boys. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that getting young guys who are notoriously busy and restless to tolerate anything around their neck is virtually impossible. That alone is reason enough. Further, if grown men fret about not having the dexterity to tie their own bow tie, then what about young boys? So, there’s this exception. However, by the time a dude approaches the tween stage, he should switch to the standard version that he needs to tie his own.

Christine understands that and definitely caters to young customers and offers many patterns (and accessories like suspenders) for them.

Thus, my nephew got a pre-tied item, and that’s just fine. If he is as smart as his older sisters and cousins — which he is, he’ll likely start tying his own neckwear before we know it. Until then, he’s one dapper dude who impresses his mom, sisters, and anyone who crosses his path.