Beau Ties Ltd. Necktie Conversion

Converting Neckties into Bow Ties

I have a really cool necktie I bought several years ago at a thrift store. It’s one of those fat and thick 70s ties with a paisley pattern and a color palette with white, light green, light blue, and gray. It’s gorgeous. I would share a picture, but it’s in storage in the best storage place ever — mom and dad’s.

The one drawback to the tie is that it has a big stain on it. I took it to a dry cleaner, and with a clear disclaimer about the risk of the damaging the tie during the cleaning process, they did what they could. However, the stain was too old and set that it remained. So, it has stayed in storage for years.

My buddies at Beau Ties Ltd. provide a chance at a second life for ties like mine through their tie conversion service. They’ve done it for 3,000 in 2014 and are eager to convert more.

Beau Ties Ltd. Necktie Conversion

Beau Ties Ltd. Necktie Conversion

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the form with your name and contact information on the conversion page.
  • Beau Ties Ltd. will e-mail a pre-paid mailing label within 48 hours.
  • Pop your necktie into a package, attach the mailing label, and drop it in the mail.
  • Allow the Beau Ties Ltd. peeps to do their magic and then enjoy your necktie’s new life as a bow tie.

All of this for $35 USD.

I’m definitely planning on checking this out, but a trip to mom and dad’s isn’t in the cards in the immediate future (don’t worry, we see each other several times a year and chat often). Believe it or not, before I switched to wearing bow ties the vast majority of the time, I did build a decent necktie collection. However, I decided to avoid making the decision to convert of one my neckties. So, I made a thrift store run and found a couple of ties that’ll make great bow ties.

Stay tuned to see how things turn out.