Custom Cherry Blossom Bow Tie Review

Custom Cherry Blossom Bow Tie Review

Chatterbox Shop Cherry Blossom and Plaid Bow Ties

Chatterbox Shop Cherry Blossom and Plaid Bow Ties

I totally spaced it.

After living in the Washington, DC area for several years, I grew to love the National Cherry Blossom Festival each March and April. I braved the crowds down by the Tidal Basin to view the gorgeous Cherry Trees, which were gifts from Japan to the United States, with all of their beautiful white and pink blossoms. People may not like me sharing this locals’ secret, but you should also check out the Cherry Blossoms in Kenwood near Bethesda, MD just outside of the District.

So, why don’t I have a bow tie to commemorate this wondrous time of year? It’s never too late for a good idea, right? I’m set for next year.

After Christine at Chatterbox Shop (now Dragonfly Bow Ties) knocked it out of the park by sending me her Crab and Patriotic (for my young nephew) bow ties, I decided to reach out to her about making me a custom bow tie with Cherry Blossom fabric. I knew she made her ties by hand and started googling for the fabric. After sending her an e-mail asking her how much she would charge to make me a custom tie, she reminded me that she offered to make my nephew and I two ties apiece when she first reached out to me. So, this would serve as my second tie, and she sent a plaid tie for my nephew.

After searching for some fabric, I found some rather pretty fabric options, and I was expecting Christine to ask me to recommend what I wanted. Besides, I was planning on paying for the fabric. However, she said that she found some of her own and assured me that it was gorgeous. Since I’ve only had positive experiences with her in the past, I knew I could trust her. So, the first time I saw the fabric was when my tie arrived in the mail. I was excited to open the box to see the fabric, and she was correct. The fabric is stunning.


Chatterbox Shop Cherry Blossom Bow Tie

I wasn’t the only one who thought so. When I wore it for the first time, I got a lot of smiles. In fact, a group of women said that they loved my bow tie as I walked by. As I stopped, one couldn’t resist touching it. They also said, “That’s a hot and sexy bow tie!”

Just like with the Crab tie, I was able to explain to them and others how Cherry Blossoms relate to me. It serves as a great conversation piece.

So, if I had to succinctly sum up this review, the verdict is that people love the bow tie.