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The world is changing, and the Internet is growing. As such, there are more and more websites out there, and it is harder for people to get meaningful domains. Just think about about it… Whoever was smart enough to scoop up before anyone else is brilliant.

When I was thinking about starting the Bow Tie Aficionado blog, the availability of .com domains played an important part in how I would name this venture. I forgot what other names I was considering, but I do recall checking for domain names and ruling out names that didn’t have matching domains that were still available.

Currently, this site sits at with the .org and .net (two of the most popular of the top level domains (tld) after .com) versions pointing at it.

There are other tlds. For instance, there are ones that are very controlled like .gov (for government agencies only), .mil (for military organizations only), .edu (for educational institutions), and so on, you’re able to click here to learn more about domain name extensions. Then there’s geographic ones like .au for Australia. There are ones like .adult and .xxx, which are meant for pornographic sites. If you want to register an .aero domain, you must use it for a site related to air transportation. You can probably guess what the .ngo and .realtor domains are meant for. On an interesting to note the powers that govern the Internet — Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — also allowed some branded tlds; for instance, Google has gained control over some like .android, .gmail, and .youtube to use for its own products and business activities.

So with all of these new tlds that are coming onto the scene over the last few years, I thought about a registering domains using the new ones. That’s why when you go to or, you’ll come to this blog. Those two tlds make sense given the focus of this blog.

Who knows… Perhaps in the future, acquiring these domains may prove fortuitous.