Wedding Bow Tie Inspiration

Wedding Bow Tie Inspiration

Weddings are great excuses to wear bow ties either as a groom, groomsman, or guest.

They are certainly formal affairs, but these days very few require adherence to black tie or white tie rules.  However, this is not a reason to treat marriage casually.  In fact, with so many divorces, it is even more important to take them seriously.

There are plenty of ways to respect weddings and marriages.  One’s attire at such ceremonies is a very important way to do so; dressing nicely and fashionably is one way to show respect to the couple (or, for a groom, to his bride or husband). 

Although bridges have things much easier thanks to the amazing choice of wedding dresses available from stores such as Winnie Couture (click here to view more), there are ways for gentlemen to add a touch of individuality to their outfit on the big day.

Bow ties are a huge help in dressing for the occassion. The Pinterest board below has some inspiration, and you can continue below it for some guidelines.

Follow Bow Tie Aficionado’s board Wedding Bow Tie Inspiration.

As I mention in my bow ties for wedding guests post, there are a few things to consider.

First, consider the wedding colors. Don’t shy away from selecting a tie with the color scheme that draws inspiration from the wedding. I haven’t experienced any blow back for doing that.

Second, consider the season for your tie and the rest of the outfit. Summer is a great time for seersucker suits and pastel colors, but winter is not. Likewise, more conservative outfits are fine during colder months, but don’t look drab when it’s warm and hotter.

Third, if the wedding specifies a dress code — like black or white tie, adhere to those standards.

Fourth, tie your own tie. As fashion journalist Jeffrey Podolsky notes, “Gentlemen don’t take shortcuts.”

Fifth, have fun. As the Pinterest board here indicates, there’s a lot of freedom concerning colors and patterns. Take some sartorial freedom and accesorize.

Sixth, and most importanly, don’t outshine the wedding party, groom, and especially the bride if you’re not one of them.

In sum, weddings are marvelous events. Add to the merriment by sporting a bow tie.