Review: Star Trek Bow Ties

Review: Star Trek Bow Ties


Speicher Star Trek Command Bow Tie

Bow ties, the final frontier…  Just joking.

A few weeks week back Adam of The Speicher Tie Company contacted me about his Etsy shop.  As I am always interested in reviewing ties, I took a look.  My inner geek was giddy when I saw the Star Trek bow ties.  So, he sent me the Star Trek Command Bow Tie

The yellow color and Starfleet insignia are of the command branch from The Original Series era.  Although Captains Picard (The Next Generation), Sisko (Deep Space Nine), and Janeway (Voyager) wore red, Captain Kirk wore a yellow uniform. Needless to say, this tie makes you look like a boss. However, those red shirts are unlucky brave.

I’m a big proponent of using bow ties to show one’s personality and start conversations.  As a Trekkie, this tie does that well.

When I wore it, my geeky, nerdy friend said that he liked it.  Since he’s a huge science fiction fan who also happens to have a couple more weeks before finishing a doctorate degree in Physics, that’s a big compliment.

Others noticed, too.  Some ladies specifically complimented the tie.  I posted a picture of it to my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, and the tie is getting a lot of likes.  In addition to people saying the tie is totally me, one person said that it’s very logical.  Indeed.  Go Vulcans!

So, I don’t need to recommend this tie; my friends will do that for me.  Go check them out, and the Speicher Tie Company has more than just Star Trek ties.  Doctor Who fans, they’ve got you covered.  They also have ties with several other themes.  Check them out.