Bow Tie Quote: "Gentlemen don't take shortcuts"

Bow Tie Quote: “Gentlemen don’t take shortcuts”

Tying a bow tie is an art, not an exact science.
Howard McEwen Black and White Bow Tie

How My Daughter Got Me to Wear Bow Ties

Why or how she decided this, she could not explain. And after two years of her lobbying, I found myself standing with her in a suburban department store where I relented and bought one.
Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Review: Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Americans can show their patriotism with their bow ties.
Uncle Sam

Wanted: Guest Bow Tie Articles

Do you want to write about bow ties?
Mélissambre Leaf Bow Tie

Guest Post: Mélissambre Wood Bow Ties

Patricia of Mélissambre explains the appeal of wood bow ties.