Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Review: Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Kirk at Bow Tie Club and I have been in touch for awhile. He’s graciously allowed me to use some of his images, and that has helped until I built up my own library of images. So, he recently surprised me by offering to send me one of his ties to review. I’m always up for that.

Since we’re both in America, and Independence Day is coming up, he sent me the Liberty bow tie. That seems like a very appropriate idea. The great thing about patriotic neck wear like this is that there a several occasions throughout the year to wear it. In addition to the Fourth of July, there’s Memorial Day, Labor Day, President’s Day, Flag Day, and other holidays.

The Liberty has a very nice pattern. The color palette is obviously red, white, and blue. The red and blue form handsome, wide stripes. Small white stars overlay the stripes. The pattern is bold, but that’s rather important for American patriotism. Different countries show patriotism in different ways, and that’s ok. Most of us are loyal and proud of our homes. Americans just tend to project that loudly.

I took the Liberty out for a spin a few evenings ago. It seemed a good idea to pair it with my seersucker suit, and I got a lot of smiles and nods.

When I first got the tie, I noticed that it was rather thin. As I’ve noted before each bow tie is its own beast, and thickness and length are major factors in how the tie behaves. To my pleasant surprised, I was able to easily and quickly tie the Liberty. Further, it held its shape well. So, that made me very happy.

While wearing it, I chatted with a friend, and she loved the Liberty. She mentioned how it made her think about putting out her Independence Day decorations. It isn’t too soon to do that. Thus, she really liked the tie, and it put her in the mood for the forthcoming holiday.

If you tend to go big when it comes to events and holidays, Kirk can hook you up with ties for occasions other than patriotic American holidays. Go check out the holiday section of the Bow Tie Club site. There are ties for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and others.

The motif ties provide the ability to wear festive neck wear for other events. There are ties with patterns that highlight horse racing, dinosaurs, fishing, elephants and donkeys (perhaps for the Republicans and Democrats out there), owls, and even the Texas Flag. As a Texan, I love that!

With this wide range of patterns and themes, Kirk can help you really either celebrate an event or highlight an aspect of your personality. There’s nothing wrong with using a bow tie as a conversation starter, and you can use the tie to spark conversations about the event, another person in your life, or to one of your interests and hobbies. Just keep in mind that a gentleman will usually divert the spotlight to someone else or a worthy cause.

To sum things up, as you’re shopping for neck wear, Bow Tie Club is worth your consideration.