Bow Tie Quote: "Gentlemen don't take shortcuts"

Bow Tie Quote: “Gentlemen don’t take shortcuts”


Fashion journalist Jeffrey Podolsky recent wrote an article titled “The Bow Tie Is Back.” He wrote this for Penta — a publication geared towards individuals with more than $5 million — from Barron’s in May 2015.

As I have reported, most men wear pre-tied bow ties. Podolsky states, “It’s a practice we can’t condone. That’s because a bow-tie wearer is inherently a gentleman, and gentlemen don’t take short-cuts.”

Like me, Podolsky feels strongly that men should tie their own ties. I do grant an exception to young boys, but that’s out of practicality and common sense.

There are a few reasons why he feels it is important for a dude to tie his own tie.

First, although intimidating, the tying process isn’t hard to master. Many a wearer is more than willing to tutor someone. In the event a willing instructor isn’t around, there are plenty of video and pictorial tutorials online. In fact, some instructional videos are less than a minute. Even though acquiring this skill will take longer than a minute, the learning curve isn’t steep. Thus, most gents can learn with minimal investment.

Second, tying a bow tie is an art, not an exact science. It is really tempting to fret about perfection when it comes to neckwear and other elements of an outfit. That’s an impulse to discourage as people don’t expect perfection. Podolsky notes that the preferred tie orientation is a bit askew since “[that] slight imperfection is what gives a bow-tie wearer character.” GQ agrees.

Third, this embraced imperfection certainly isn’t a license for sloppiness, but it is a requirement for the bow tie wearer’s confidence. As Podolsky states, “A bow tie gets noticed. It says you’re a confident guy who doesn’t worry much about what other people think.”

So, for these reasons, it’s important to not take a shortcut by wearing pre-tied ties — whether you’re a gentleman or not.