National Bow Tie Day Preparation

National Bow Tie Day Preparation

National Bow Tie Day is August 28 each year. Clearly, it is one of the most important days of the year, and there are many ways to celebrate National Bow Tie Day, but it’s also important to prepare to honor one of the best aspects of mens fashion. Below are some suggestions on how to best experience the holiday.

1. Learn the History

There’s nothing better when it comes to cocktail fodder than interesting factoids. Did you know that the origin of this neckwear actually goes back to Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian Wars that then inspired the upper crust of French society? If you didn’t know that, then your friends likely don’t know that either, and you can impress them by telling them.

2. Find Out about the Famous People who Wear Them

Dhani Jones

Photo courtesy of Talk Radio News Service under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Some prominent, influential, and powerful men are members of this select fellowship. It includes many notable dudes including sports figures like Dhani Jones, retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Master Chef Junior champ Logan Guleff, and fictional characters like two Doctors from Doctor Who, Sesame Street‘s Mr. Hooper, and NCIS‘s Donald Mallard.

3. Teach Someone How to Tie Them

Learning how to tie a bow tie seems intimidating, but it isn’t that difficult to learn. There are plenty of resources available, and teaching someone how to do it will certainly impress them.

4. Memorize Some Quotes

James Hill of tie maker High Cotton told Men’s Journal that, “People wear bow ties to make a statement.” They do so sartorially, and there are many people who have some great quips on what makes bow ties so bold and wonderful.

5. Establish a Tradition

Sir Winston ChurchillFormer British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wore bow ties to honor his father Randolph despite the fact that they had a cold relationship. I hope that you, reader, have warmer relationships with men in your life, and perhaps you could signify a close relationship with a father or son, significant other, good friend, or mentor through your neckwear.

6. Create your Own Look

Guest blogger Howard McEwen deliberately deviates from some established rules, and doing so may appeal to you. Further, there’s plenty of outfits that one can also don.

7. Contribute to a Charity

With sartorial greatness, there’s great responsibility. One way to represent oneself well is to participate in bow tie themed charties like Skip the Clip National Bow Tie Day fundraiser for the Urbana School District in Illinois.

8. Discover the Variety of Makers

There are plenty of great companies and people who make wonderful neckwear. Check out the reviews section of this site to learn about some of my friends who have sent me some ties including: Chatterbox Shop (now Dragonfly Bow Ties), Beau Ties Ltd., Bow Tie Club, Rock My Bow Tie, Marthu, Speicher Tie Company, and many others.

9. Learn a Factoid

If historical facts won’t do the trick during your next conversion, there are more wonderful factoids. For instance, did you know that Doctor Who jefe Steven Moffat fought Matt Smith at first when he wanted his Doctor to wear bow ties? Fortunately, Moffat relented, and we all learned that bow ties are cool.

10. Represent Well

Many different types of men — like Southern gentlemen, lawyers, academics, doctors, hipsters, and frat boys — wear bow ties. It’s important to behave like a gentleman to protect the fellowship — even the quirks. Quirky isn’t bad; in fact, it is endearing at times. However, rudeness can kill any goodwill, and that’s not for a gentleman.