Happy National Beau Tie Day 2015

National Bow Tie Day Q&A with Beau Ties Ltd. CEO David Mutter

Happy National Beau Tie Day 2015

Happy National Beau Tie Day 2015

National Bow Tie Day 2015 is almost here. In order to get ready for it, Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont CEO David Mutter answered some of my questions about the day.

Q: National Bow Tie Day is August 28 each year. It’s one of the best days of the year. How does the Beau Ties Ltd. staff celebrate that day when it seems that every day is Bow Tie Day for them?

You’re absolutely right. We’re very passionate about bow ties so in many ways every day is National Bow Tie Day. However, August 28th is special and we treat it that way. National Bow Tie Day gives us and our loyal clients an excuse to celebrate and share our enthusiasm for bow ties. Bow ties can be classic, fun, stylish or whimsical. In a glance, they convey a person’s personality, mood and outlook. Historically (and I think it’s a safe bet we’ll repeat the practice this year), we include a free bow tie with every order. We encourage our clients to give the extra tie to a friend and share the joy.

Q: When did all y’all first hear about the day? What was your first effort to recognize it as a company?

We’ve been actively promoting National Bow Tie Day for a number of years. It’s fun. Our clients love it and we found it’s a great way to introduce ourselves to those interested but unfamiliar with bows.

Q: I’m sure that you’ve heard some great National Bow Tie Day stories from friends and customers. What are some of the highlights?

National Bow Tie Day changes the way people see bow ties. It’s quite amazing.

Each year, we receive boxes of neckties from customers who tried a bow tie on National Bow Tie Day – fell in love – and decided to send us all of their neckties to convert into bows [Aficionado’s review]. As you may know, our production team transforms thousands of neckties into bow ties each year. Without fail, we receive a rush of requests right after National Bow Tie Day. Why? According to the letters and emails we receive, National Bow Tie Day gives casual fans an opportunity to wear a bow tie to work or out on the town. They love it and decide to never go back.

Q: I enjoy a considerable traffic spike to my blog a couple of weeks leading up to National Bow Tie Day. Why do people get excited about this type of neckwear?

I think we agree a bow tie is the most impactful sartorial investment a man can make. For a modest sum an outfit can be transformed. It’s exciting.

Q: In 2014, Megan Garber over at The Atlantic explored micro-holidays; all one has to do is go to the Days to the Year site to find holidays like Carrot Cake Day (February 3) and Buy a Book Day (September 7). What makes National Bow Tie Day and others like it more than just mere marketing gimmicks?

Simple. This day is not about selling ties. It’s about celebrating ties. National Bow Tie Day works because it’s a great way for current enthusiast to share their passion with others. It’s fun, carefree and pure.

If you have any questions for Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, let me know. I’ll pass them along.