Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior

Bow Ties are the Wave Runner of the Men’s Fashion World

Comedian Daniel Tosh has a bit about how it’s impossible to be unhappy on a wave runner.

Recently, I realized bow ties are the wave runner of the men’s fashion world. Here’s the story: I had a rough week at work but was looking forward to my vacation the next week. That week of vacation came…and it sucked so hard it actually bent time to make it feel like long three weeks. After an eight hour drive, we got news that my father-in-law had a medical emergency.  So it was eight hours back…and my wife driving another four to where her father lived. My daughters and I spent the family vacation without the heart of our family. My wife spent the week sitting by her father’s hospital bed. My daughters and I tried to make the best of it but didn’t succeed. Finally, my wife came home. We hugged, laughed, and caught up over a nice dinner. And then a massive rain storm sent three feet of water and mud into our basement.

Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior

Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior

After that long week “off” from work, I was grumpily getting ready to head into the office on a Monday morning when I remembered I’d received a vivid red diamond point tie from The Bow Tie Club called “Excelsior.” As I tied it, my mind still grumbled over the beach house I’d paid for that mostly sat empty and the battle I’d have to do with the insurance company. When done straightening the Excelsior, I took a final look…and smiled.

Yes. It was Monday at 7 a.m. after a bad non-vacation and a flooded basement.  However, I was smiling. Because wearing a bow tie makes you happy. Maybe the smile came from the novelty of the bow tie, or the demonstration of individuality. Maybe. However, I think it was the simple fact that they are, like wave runners, just good fun. The lesson was simple: bow ties put me in a better mood.

I’ll even argue that they are better than a wave runner because they will often put others in a good mood. I’ve noticed more women smiling at me since I started wearing them. And watching someone on a wave runner isn’t much fun at all.

Of course, the best argument against this is the grumpy countenance of Winston Churchill. I’ll grant that a bit of cloth may not lift your mood if you are tasked with the defense of Britain. However, if you read the story, even Churchill’s most iconic grimace ends with a smile…while wearing a bow tie.

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