Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties by Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties by Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

David Kramer (left) and David Mutter (right) of Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont Co-owners David Kramer (left) and David Mutter (right)

The folks at Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, who are good friends of the blog, just launched a new accessory line — Weybridge 1761 — that features bow ties and neckties. The line debuted August 10, and it is a perfect gift since August 28 is National Bow Tie Day. In light of this news, I was able to get Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont CEO David Mutter to answer some questions about this new line.

Here’s a summary:

  • The new ties are priced at $25.
  • All items are $17.61 for the duration of 2015.
  • Beau Ties Ltd. guarantees the same quality with its Weybridge 1761 line as its flagship line.

Why start this new line?

Two factors led to the creation of the Weybridge label – Scarcity and Availability.

Scarcity. We (Weybridge 1761) are manufacturers not marketers. Unlike others, we design, sew and ship our ties right out of our facility in Middlebury, Vermont. You cannot buy a tie from us that is not created and inspected by at least five different people. Period. This unwavering commitment to handcrafted quality has made our Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont label the recognized leader. Unfortunately, as our reputation grew, we began selling out of fabrics. This year alone, we have sold out of over 100+ different designs. For a family owned and operated business, this is a real issue for us. We never want to disappoint our loyal clientele. Therefore, we needed a way to expand without impacting the superior quality that our Beau Ties Ltd. customers demand. We will never sacrifice
quality to meet demand. Never. Creating a new imported label was a logical path forward.

Availability. Typically, a Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont tie sells for around $40. We think this is a tremendous value for a tie that hand cut, individual stitched and sewn. Amazingly reasonable, in fact. However, as we heard from customers – through calls, emails and social media posts – there are times when $40 is simply too much to pay. Our clients were clamoring for a solution that made great ties – wonderful designs, fantastic feel and keen attention to detail – available at an everyday price point. Hence, we created the Weybridge 1761 label. These imported ties harness our history and invite a new generation of customers to explore the joy of fabulous neckwear.

Bottom line: Beau Ties Ltd. will continue to grow and serve customers interested in a handcrafted accessories. The Weybridge 1761 label will harness the manufacturing lessons learned but will serve those looking for a more moderately priced option.

What sets Weybridge 1761 apart from your other lines?

Our price. We look at this label as our way to introduce our passion for neckwear to new users interested in a classic tie at a great price.

What can fans expect from Weybridge 1761 over the next year?

Choices. We will continue to roll out exciting new fabrics on a weekly – if not daily – basis over the balance of the year.

Check out the 2015 Weybridge 1761 Lookbook by following that link and its Pinterest account below.

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