Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties

Where to Wear Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties

Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties

Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties

Shortly after the launch of the Weybridge 1761 line, my friends there sent me some samples — check out their bow ties on their website — wondering what I think about them.

Instead of doing my typical review, I decided to do something a little different and asked someone, Eric, for some inspiration, which was to focus on where to wear each one. I like Eric’s colorful descriptions — as you can read below — when it comes to these ties.

Before I proceed further, let me cover some basics. Both ties have similar to better quality to other ties in their $25 price range. I also like the patterns and themes; Weybridge 1761 offers plenty of options for many different types of people and occasions.

Fish Creek Navy

So, let’s look at the Fish Creek Navy bow tie. Clearly, it’s the one with the fish. It’s navy background with light blue and yellow fish makes it the more conservative of the two.

Eric said, “I would wear the first on an arctic ice fishing expedition if in the company of ladies of quality and good breeding, so they would know a gentleman of excellent character was chaperoning them.”

The fish must inspire Eric to think about a fishing trip, which is great. Let’s think about gentlemen. Fishing is a hobby that many refined men with outdoors interests enjoy. Fishing also requires one to stay relatively quiet and exhibit patience; fish are fussy. Further, not that the fish would necessarily see a fisher’s neckwear, the navy, blue, and yellow color scheme isn’t too flashy, which is consistent with a fisherman’s desire to remain hidden from the fish (while they want the attention on their bait).

This is not a surprising theme coming from Beau Ties Ltd., which owns the Weybridge 1761 line. Anyone who gets their catalog knows that during the summer they spotlight their ties that feature summer hobby motifs.

The Orange One

Let’s get one thing clear… I love the color orange, and that’s why I was happy when I saw that my friends sent me this one to review. Further, I like the light blue dots on it. Given the fact that blue and orange are complimentary colors, the two colors work fine together.

As we’ve established, of these two bow ties, this is the least conservative of the two. This one has a louder and more playful color scheme.

Given this fact, Eric said, “I should think [it’s] appropriate for drinking in speakeasies, perhaps while playing at dice with slightly disreputable characters who are nonetheless redeemed (somewhat) by their personal stories of struggle against harsh odds.”

Ha! This tie certainly would stand out in a snazzy joint. In fact, I know of a few such places where the clientele and ambiance expect that one dress in a fun, yet smart, manner. This tie would certainly fit the bill for these places. The colors demand that one not only feel confident in what one’s wearing, they also require one to use a refined fashion sense to pull off in an suitable way for situations that are both casual and smart.

Thus, thanks to Eric’s assistance, we can conclude that gthe Weybridge 1761 line — although young — is versatile enough to provide reasonably priced neckwear for a variety of situations, from formal to casual.