Tieroom Pilou Bow Tie

Bow Tie Review: Tieroom Marvin and Pilou

Tieroom Pilou Bow Tie

Tieroom Pilou Bow Tie

Like most unmarried young men, I played the field. I dabbled. I had dalliances. I often ventured into places that were not acceptable in my parents eyes. Looking back, much of it was the immature impulse to shock my parents. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it was part of who I am.

So yes, I did wear ties not made of silk. Far too often they were knit ties…and even a denim one. I wore them at the office. Yes, I know. I was wild. But then I grew older and started my career in earnest and meandered onto the conventional path and after a couple decades my closet is full of nothing but silk ties.

This self-imposed limitation even extended to my more recent interest in bow ties. Silk, silk, silk. Then the good gentlemen at Tieroom offered to send a couple ties and a nice flirty looking cotton tie caught my amorous eye. Cotton? Really? Would I wear that to the office? Well, if bow ties haven’t shocked my clients away, I think they could handle a cotton one.

It’s name was Pilou – a red, white and black checked number that just happened to match the school colors of my daughters chosen university – the University of Louisville. Go Cards!

It has now become my favorite tie. To quote the chorus of the jingle, “The Touch The Feel/The Fabric Of Our Lives/The Touch The Feel of cotton/The Fabric of My Life.”

It just feels good around my neck. Firm but soft and yielding. In a word: comfortable.

When tied, it holds it’s shape wonderfully. There seems to be a good, solid interfacing in the tie that holds up well but doesn’t disturb the softness and comfort of the tie. And the colors are vibrant but not flashy. Strong may be the best word, including the white which in my experience is sometimes a non-player when in a tie.

Tieroom Marvin Bow Tie

Tieroom Marvin Bow Tie

The other tie they sent along was the Marvin. It’s a luscious green silk tie with little yellow Indian elephants dancing across it in a classic trumpeting, trunk held high position. It’s a well constructed tie.

But what I like most about it is the size of the elephants from afar they look like they could be abstract shapes. But when people look closer, they seem to sense that the squiggles are something more, so they lean in and when they realize they are elephants, they smile – especially women. I like women leaning in to me and smiling so, thus, I like the Marvin.

But the cotton Pilou is what I’m enchanted with now. It may at some point move toward the back of my rack but for now, it’s charms are powerful. And even if they fade, more cotton ties will be working their way into my heart.

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