Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie

Pensee Bow Ties Review

Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie

Howard McEwen’s Red and Blue Bow Tie

Pensee Bow Ties are simply the cheapest way I’ve found to dip your toe in the bow tie waters. Their selection Amazon is huge and at $8.99, there’s not much to lose. And if you’re a Amazon Prime member the shipping is free.

I read a few articles about ways to start a bow tie habit. Recommendations ranged from borrowing from older relative to delving into Etsy to knocking around second hand stores. First, no one in my family wears ties, much less bow ties. Most bow ties on Etsy looked a bit too craftsy. And second hand stores tend to make my skin crawl. I’m afraid they’re infested with bed bugs, duffus hipsters or both.

Pensee bow ties are not perfect ties. If you are accustomed to higher-end neckwear they may feel a bit thin. The structure isn’t quite there – a bit more interfacing is needed. After a wear or two, little nits of fabric show up that need to be clipped with a pair of quality scissors. But I wear the five that I’ve bought all the time.

Why? Because they look good. The colors are strong and the designs are current – or current enough for me.

I did send the service department an email because I couldn’t find any social media presence and got the following reply:

Dear Howard,

Thank you so much for your mail.

I’m glad you like our collection. And it mean so much to us. At the moment we have this webside (sic) only ( We have tried to open our own facebook/twitter, but failed. As you know they are all blocked in China. If you could write a review on our webside (sic), it would be much appreciated 🙂

Thank’s for your support all the time.

Best Regards

That lack of freedom expressed in that response made me a bit depressed. But maybe buying a few ties can help them expand to where they can to things like Facebook and Twitter. Either way, if you want to affordable dip your toe into the world of bow ties…or just want to get a whole bunch of good bow ties without going into triple figures, Pensee is your best bet.

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