Disappointment When I Don't Wear A Bow Tie

Disappointment When I Don’t Wear A Bow Tie

howard_bow_tie_confusionI like to wear bow ties. But not only bow ties. I mix it up. In fact, my closet is still dominated by traditional long tie. That seems to confound some. Am I tie-curious? No. “What?” some ask. “You can do both?” Sure.

This isn’t a religion folks; it’s decorative neckwear.

But mostly, when I wear long ties, I seem to disappoint people.

At my regular Chipotle recently, I handed over my $6.50 for my customary chicken burrito bowl to the cashier who looked at me with a crestfallen look. “Oh, bummer,” she said. “I like seeing what bow tie you are wearing.” I felt like I’d let her down.

Similarly, I walked into a meeting with a client and their main area of concern wasn’t the recent market turmoil but my rather pedestrian red striped long tie. “You’re the bow tie guy,” he said. I’m not a bow tie guy, I thought. I’m a guy who wears bow ties. Sometimes. Anyway, I’m all about customer service so the notes to our next meeting does remind me to wear a bow tie.

During the end of the recent baseball season here in Cincinnati, I rounded the corner of my office on a typical Tuesday and my Reds-fan secretary exclaimed, “But it’s Tuesday,” when she saw my long tie. I’d forgotten. Bow Tie Tuesday is a thing here in the Queen City. It’s a fundraiser. A broadcaster wears one while calling the games and others have taken up that mantle. I’m not a baseball fan so it’s not top of mind.

But I disappointed three people…for wearing a tie. The wrong kind of tie.

Obviously, I like bow ties. As noted on this blog, I prefer them over traditional long ties. But variety is nice, too. Not just in shape or color or size but in style also.

After going through this, I pictured Bill Nye the Science Guy sobbing in his closet desperately wanting to emerge wearing a long tie but knowing that he’ll just disappoint millions if he did.

But I can handle disappointing some. And I like to keep people guessing.

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