How to Get Your Fella to Wear a Bow Tie

How to Get Your Fella to Wear a Bow Tie

rich man in a jacket near his houseSo, you want your fella to wear a bow tie. Maybe it’s because you like your man to be a little different from the rest of the men out there… Or maybe you think (correctly) that he will look dapper. Or maybe they remind you of an old science teacher who wore one. You know, the one with understanding eyes. But, alas, your paramour is not into it. He’s a long tie or no tie dude.

Here’s my four recommendations to nudging him closer to embracing the classic neckwear.

First off, just buy him one. When you tell him you want him to wear a bow tie, the first thing he’ll object to is not the bow tie itself but shopping for a bow tie. He doesn’t want to go to some department store and pick through the racks trying to choose (and pay for) something he’s not so sure about. So, I suggest you do the leg work. And keep the tie you choose simple and understated. There’s no need to spook him with a bow tie AND some wild pattern. The bow tie is enough of a statement.

Second, before you give the tie to him, learn to tie it yourself. Not on your own neck – although there’s no harm in that – but on him. Like shopping, learning to tie a bow tie is a hassle. If he’s not yet 100% into the bow tie, take away as many hassles as possible to get him to try one. Go and find something approximately his neck size – a rolled up towel, for example – and learn to tie a bow tie on your man. Then once practiced, you can tie it for him in the mornings… or before an evening out.

Third, be sure to tell him why you like the bow tie look. Whether you think they simply look elegant or you have a bit of a Bill Nye thing working, tell him why it’s important to you that he at least try to wear one. N.B. adding a bit of a sexy twist to why you like them wouldn’t hurt either.

Finally, go the practical route. Argue that it would be good for his career or of some other benefit to him. In my line of work, I need new clients. I don’t like to look like other suit-wearing guys doing the same thing that I do. I don’t want to be a clone. Differences attract. Standing out sells. A bow tie can be a brand. And branding can lead to more clients. That’s just my example. But a good practical reason that will benefit him may just win your argument.

Go ahead and try these, let me know of other strategies in the comments. And let me know of your successes.

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