2015 In Review

2015 In Review

Purple Argyle Bow Tie by Cremieux

Purple Argyle Bow Tie by Cremieux

2015 was a good year for the Bow Tie Aficionado site — just as 2014 was.

Perhaps the best thing to happen was Howard‘s desire to contribute. Not only did he provide some valuable insight and a different voice (who was getting sick of mine?), he helped me continue when the going was hard. As fun as it is to write, it definitely helps to have evidence that someone else really cares about the blog. Be sure to show him some love by visiting his personal site at www.howardmcewen.com and his Amazon author page. Thanks, buddy!

The same goes for all of the bow tie makers who have reached out over the past year and asked us to do reviews. They include: Dragonfly (formerly Chatterbox Shop), Beau Ties Ltd., Weybridge 1761, Bow Tie Club, Tieroom, the Speicher Tie Company, Rock My Bow Tie, Mathu, and Northern Aristocrats. Reviewing bow ties is always fun! Stay tuned… Howard should have a new review coming soon.

The fans of the Bow Tie Aficionado Facebook page are also very helpful. Those like William and Shawn helped me know that I wasn’t just blogging into the wind. People were reading and responding. Further, it was great to see more and more fans as well as followers on Twitter and Google+ — especially since I haven’t taken the time to really focus on using those channels effectively (shame on me!).

I also want to thank others for chiming in. Donald reported on the success of his Skip the Clip 2.0 National Bow Tie Day fundraiser for the school district he leads. I can’t wait for National Bow Tie Day 2016, Donald! Particia explained the wood bow tie phenomenon. John shared his bow tie journey. It is always nice to share other people’s thoughts. If you’re interested, send me a guest post.

One of the cooler things I noticed was through my website analytics. All of the sudden, I noticed that I was getting referral traffic from Barron’s, the business news outlet. As it turns out, I got a nice shout out from fashion journalist Jeffrey Podolsky in an article he wrote about our beloved neckwear. That made me happy on several levels. A journalist found me worthy to cite. I got a solid link for SEO. Further, I get some good referral traffic from the article.

So, what are all y’all interested in? According to Google Analytics, here are the top five most visited pages (other than the homepage) in 2015:

Here are some other fun tidbits about you readers:

Gender – 61% male / 39% female
Top “Affinity Categories” – Movie Lovers, TV Lovers, and Technophiles
Countries – over 160 with the US, Russia, and UK as the top three
Top Cities – New York, London (UK), Chicago, LA, Houston, Toronto, Sydney, and Moscow

So, what’s next? I’m not going anywhere. However, you may not see posts once a week (by me, Howard, or someone else) like I’ve done for awhile now, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see something from time to time. Writing — even at a hobby level like this blog — takes a lot of (well spent) effort. Please keep sending in bow tie quotes, questions, feedback, and bow ties to review! You’ll see me more frequently on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Stay tuned to those channels.

Thanks for reading and for your support. I hope that you have a grand 2016!