Bow Tie Questions

Bow Tie Questions

howard_bow_tie_confusionTwo identically shaped bow ties. Both red and blue. In my left hand is a red one with blue dots while in my right is a red one with blue stripes. It’s early morning and I need to get to the office, but I can’t choose which tie to wear.

There are several other ties hanging in my closet. Why did I pick these two nominees to wear today? And why couldn’t I decide which one of these two to select?

My suit is black. My shirt is white. With this rather bland template almost any of the ties in my closet would be sufficient – bow or traditional, new or old, cotton or silk – all colors and patterns.

So why I grab these two in particular and why am I now indecisive as to which to noose around my neck? This isn’t a Solomonic choice. Heck, it wasn’t a Ginger or Maryann choice. Does that reference date me too much?

I put on the one with dots. It just didn’t feel right. My face is the same shape as yesterday. My neck size hasn’t changed. My beard is the same. Why would it not feel right? I liked this tie last week when I work it. And why would I have a feeling at all about a tie?

This is ridiculous. I need to wear a tie. I have a few meetings, including one with a new prospective client. Why was I standing in front of my closet in my stocking feet burning mental calories trying to pick which piece of perfectly acceptable and presentable decorative cloth to tie around my neck that morning.

It is strange.

This isn’t an important question. I make important decisions each day. But standing here in the early a.m. my day had come to a sudden standstill over…this. Why?

This isn’t a completely new experience. And I don’t think I’m alone in it. I’ve stood alongside men at clothing stores as each of us flip through a rack full of ties. Why does one attract us while so many others repel us? And after buying one, why would we wake up one day and just not ‘feel’ that it’s right for that day?

I asked my psychologist wife, but she was still in bed trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep. She told me to just choose and tie and get to work. So I did.

There’s a lot of questions in this post and no answers. Anyone have any answers?

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