Stand Out and Shine: Wearing a Bow Tie from Day to Night

Stand Out and Shine: Wearing a Bow Tie from Day to Night

Blue Bow TieSome things in this world help us blend in a crowd – the colour black, plaid shirts, denim but a bow tie is one fashion piece that definitely does not belong in this group. Alluding to the romantic era of the past, of old movies where Fred Astaire danced with Eleanor Powell and Gene Kelly sang in the rain, the bow tie is the ultimate attention seeking accessory piece in mens fashion.

There are so many rules out there about how one should wear a bow tie – strictly for a formal event, without mixing too many colours; the beard must be trimmed and other restrictions that take the fun out of this quirky fashion piece. So today we want to celebrate, rather than share more rules for this bold accessory, and convince more men out there that wearing a bow tie should be something to consider for day and night occasions.

Exude Confidence

With an attention seeking accessory like this, be prepared to have more strangers smile at the quirky element in your attire and maybe even start a conversation with you because of this piece. Wearing a bow tie shows confidence in yourself and your style, and any man who is truly comfortable in his own skin will find no problem using this accessory during the day as much as during the night.

Know Your Bow Ties

You would think that something so small would not be that vast but you will be surprised to know how many shapes and ways bow ties come in – some people have even written a manual! While the shapes of bow ties can be chosen according to your taste, do go for a self-tie rather than a clip-on bow tie – the latter were made for boys, not men with style.

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Evening Wear

Whether you go for a tux or a suit in black or a colour, a bow tie in a rich material like silk will bring elegance to your suit. Make sure that it looks symmetrical on both sides. Also, the width of your bow tie should not be longer than that of you face.

Day Wear

While the same symmetry rules apply here as in evening wear, wearing a bow tie during the day is proof you are not only confident but also fun. From cotton candy hues to wear during a garden party or a lunch date in spring or more dark, tweed-like materials during those cold wintry days, the options here are much more varied. You can go for a day suit paired with your bow tie but you can also skip the trousers and go for shorts, a great shirt and a bow tie for that laid back lunch you have in summer, with your beard hiding your smile and a ring or two on your fingers.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your bow tie, you are set to shine and exude certain expectations about yourself, so do make sure that your other fashion pieces are also elegant and stylish. You don’t want to take out a keychain from your trouser pockets that looks completely tattered – instead go for something clean and on trend like personalized keyrings from Ties N Cuffs and you certainly don’t want to don a watch that has seen better days, so invest in a timeless piece that will only enhance your outfits.

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