Guest Post: Exallo Wood Bow Ties

Guest Post: Exallo Wood Bow Ties

Editor’s Note: When it comes to bow ties, I’m more of a traditional guy. I like mine fabric that I have to tie myself. However, I’ve noticed the growth of wood bow ties. They certainly have their niche. Below is a blog post by Anastasia of Exallo, a Greek men’s fashion shop that makes wood products. For them, each tie is different. While I’m still not on the wood bow tie bandwagon, I can appreciate the desire for uniqueness. So, check them out and let me know what you think.

exallo 1For those who dare to try something different, yet they want to maintain an aura of timeless elegance, for the people who think outside the box, but they always stay current, a wooden bow tie is the best choice! Embodying the fine line between classic and modern, this kind of bow tie is light and easy to wear: you never have to worry about tying it right, and it feels almost weightless. Also, an easily adjustable elastic band makes this kind of tie appropriate for any neck size. Why buy this instead of a traditional bow tie? Because of the unique quality of the product and its lifetime guarantee! Each piece is different, because every piece of wood is different and has its own story to tell.

At “Exallo,” we love simplicity and elegance. Working from a studio located on the rolling foothills of Mount Olympus in Greece, we produce wooden accessories such as bow ties, cuff links, phone cases, and more. Exallo’s products are unique and different from similar products of the same line because the quality of each item we manufacture is exceptional – handmade, from sustainable materials, finished with natural oils and beautifully packaged. We care for every little thing we make- and our customers get that!

Sporting classic, yet, modern, designs, we combine natural materials (such as local olive tree and cherry, american walnut and exotic woods, like wenge and bubinga), with a 100% wool, silk or cotton fabrics, in different colours and textures. Our men’s bow tie collection comes in two distinct lines, a regular one and a slim one. Not only that, but we also offer an entire collection of bow ties for kids. The cutest thing about those: they are named after famous pets!

exallo-fun 1Here are some of our favorite designs:

“Albert:” dark-stained Greek Cherry wood, carefully juxtaposed with blonde Wenge and grey wool, means that wearing those stripes, you easily stand out. A new take on the old-school tie, essential in any man’s wardrobe.

“Castor:” Bright paisley engravings in sipo wood, combined with dark blue woolen fabric. This is the perfect bow tie to wear at parties or events, when you want to make your own “statement!”

“Vida Blue Jr.:” Those circles embraced by blue wool are perfection! This kid’s bow tie design is a unique creation appropriate for any young dandy.

All products are cut and finished by hand, using locally-produced olive oil and beeswax. The majority of Exallo accessories are crafted with recycled or reclaimed wood, and this allows each piece to reveal the ‘stories’ hidden within it. We make every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our products, as we strive to keep a low-carbon footprint from the first stage of the production process to the final packaging.

We produce a limited amount of items for sale to select retailers. We also sell through the Exallo site.