Kruwear Bow Tie Review: Madia and Flomo

Kruwear Bow Tie Review: Madia and Flomo

Kruwear Madia and Flomo Bow Ties

Kruwear Madia and Flomo Bow Ties

A few weeks ago Kruwear, a Chicago-based mens fashion accessories shop, reached out to me wondering if I would review their bow ties. Of course, I would!

They asked me to select some bow ties that stood out to me, and I found the selection of styles interesting. I saw a variety of patterns and motifs that would add some pizzazz to my personal collection. The fact that Charles Mombo, Kruwear’s founder, is from the Kru Tribe in Liberia helps these styles stand out from mass produced lines here in the United States. Mombo and company clearly draw inspiration from different sources — like Africa — than brands in large stores do. So, I focused on finding patterns that differ from my other ties as a way to further develop my neckwear collection.

The Madia and Flomo

I quickly focused on the Madia with its floral pattern and the Flomo.

While I do have a few floral bow ties, the Madia caught my attention since it is distinct from those ties. Further, although floral motifs are typically considered feminine, this tie struck me as a masculine take on this theme. My instincts were right. As soon as I posted a picture of me wearing it through @bowtieaficionado, my Instagram account, I instantly started to get a flood of likes. In fact, one of my friends — who does floral arrangements for weddings — was quick express her approval. Thus, I knew that if she likes the tie (just as I’m sure the matching pocket square would garner), the Madia is a winner.

On the other hand, I was attracted to the Flomo since it’s brown and green pattern would really stand apart from the rest of my collection. It would definitely add some dimension. Despite my selfie skills, I do think that looks great. In fact, I didn’t notice this at the time, but the Flomo is a limited edition item. Only nine were made, and I’m lucky enough to own one!

“Technical” Details

The ease of tying is one of the biggest factors involved in my satisfaction. In both cases, I was impressed at how easy these ties were to handle. The 100% cotton fabric made them strong yet manageable. In fact, I really put the Madia to the test. I was in a rush after work to an event and had to tie it in my car without a mirror. Despite my continued improvement in tying, the tie made it super easy to look good and stay that way. So, the fabric really makes Kruwear bow ties enjoyable to wear.

One minor concern I have is related to the mechanism that allows one to adjust the length. In many cases, bow ties will have neck length measurements clearly marked so that one can quickly select a length. Neither of these two ties had the measurements marked. While I was able to find the correct length with the help of one of my other properly adjusted bow ties, this added a step to working with the ties. Granted, this isn’t that big of a deal, but marking the measurements would help improve these otherwise superb bow ties.

To conclude, I recommend these ties. Feel free to let me know your experiences with Kruwear, which I reckon are positive.

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