The Gentleman by Bow Ties & Gents

Know How to Look Like a Fashion Icon in Weddings In 2017

The Gentleman by Bow Ties & Gents

The Gentleman by Bow Ties & Gents

This is a guest post by Bow Ties & Gents, a site that sells bow ties and other fashion accessories.

Weddings are an impeccable way to show one’s taste in fashion. People dress up and show their unique fashion sense, and many years later see those pictures and think about the way they dressed up years ago. This is why it is so important to spend some time looking for a really good photographer to ensure you capture some beautiful pictures of your big day to share with people in years to come. Have a look here to get an idea of the types of photographs you could have taken: Trends never last, so these pictures may look out of place after many years.

Weddings are always sober affair that are planned meticulously, looking for the perfect day by only using the best venue, catering and wedding singer so dressing for them should always be sober. However the pressure is not just on bride and groom to look best but also on the people associated to them. As the saying goes for women ‘never look better than the bride;’ the same saying goes for women, too. But there are number of styling tips men can follow to look their best in the weddings without looking better than the groom.

Three-piece suit

This piece is rocked by many famous celebrities, which is not only an easy way to style up at a wedding but also the smartest. This suit has always been in trend but changed over a course of time. It makes the statement of its own, and the look one gets after wearing it is not only simple but classy as well.

When the people have removed their jackets and one can still rock with a shirt and waistcoat; this look keeps one together and not distributed. One can style the look with bow ties and formal shoes, which can be worn sockless. One can get Bow Ties Near them with many attractive options that will give an appealing look in the wedding.

Two-piece suit

This is the ultimate all-rounder; it is chosen for the majority of weddings and one can style it with accessories. It can be used again and again by changing the shirts and accessories. Choose the right fabric, while buying a two-piece suit; the fabric could be of linen or cotton or blends that are breathable materials.

One can opt for colors like grey, navy or neutral colors like stone or beige; one can even try richer colors like cobalt or petrol blue. When choosing the contemporary suit, layer it with white, sky blue or pink shirt along with ties and plane or printed pocket square. The shoes could be formal or double-monk straps.


No tie with a few buttons undone is a trendy fashion these days; but one can still rock a tie or bow tie. Men look fabulous in bow ties, and this fashion is already in trend. One way to wear this style is by wearing a tuxedo. If you want to wear one whilst also saving money you may want to try renting one instead at a Tuxedo Rental site. One can opt for plane or printed ties, and if one is not comfortable with the idea of ties, then bow tie is also an attractive option. One can opt for brighter hues of blues, reds and greens according to suit one is wearing. Textures like crocheted or silky versions with modern shaping are in trend these days. One can even Buy Tie Online UAE and create looks that will be perfect for a wedding dinner or rehearsal dinner.

Separate Suiting

Nowadays weddings have become formal and many men are opting for separate suiting. One can decide the shades of color like blue and grey or dark to light and even neutrals like beige and mix them together to create a formal yet attractive look. Once can even go for pastel colors like mint or pale yellow, which are trending these days.

These fashion trends can be followed in any wedding to give one a very matured and balanced yet very classy look. As for the finishing touch – one can have accessories like square pockets or brooches. Footwear should be chosen according to the dressing style one is adapting for the wedding. One can even style with granddad collar shirts or long sleeved polos with trousers and right footwear.