Rocking the Right Bow Tie

Rocking the Right Bow Tie

Red Bow Tie with Blue and White Stripes by Cremieux

This is a guest post by Patrick Bailey, who is a freelance writer.

The right bow tie will transform your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. There are celebratory, formal, and high-influence occasions where sporting a regular tie may look prim and uninspiring. That is where a bow tie comes in handy.

First, let’s take a look at the different bow tie styles.

There are three main types of bow ties:

  • Clip-on bow tie
  • Pre-tied bow tie
  • Self-tie bow tie

Wearing a self-tie bow tie speaks volumes about your sense of style.

When Should You Wear a Bow Tie?

You can wear a bow tie pretty much whenever you would like to wear one. A bow tie will look great when you are at work, on a date, out with friends, or participating in social events.

Formal events and themed parties are great places to rock a bow tie. There are even bow ties that are customized for different occasions and purposes.

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What Colors Should You Wear With Your Bow Tie?

Many fashion gurus advise that you coordinate the color of your bow tie with the color of your attire. Your bow tie should complete your look, not divert attention away from your face. Mainly, your bow tie should enhance your style, not overshadow it.

Wear what makes you feel good. You can wear whatever colors you like and whatever colors make you feel comfortable. You may want to look for bow ties on the internet to determine which colors and styles suit you.

Which Bow Tie Fabrics Should You Choose?

Bow ties come in a variety of fabrics, and the materials work distinctly in different settings:

  • For Formal Wear

For formal events, choose white or black silk bow ties.

  • For Dates, Casual Wear, or Day Wear

Seersucker, flannel, cotton, denim, or wool are apt choices for a casual yet elegant look.

  • For Nights Out

For a fun night out, you can sport polka dots or other exciting prints on your bow tie.

Which Bow Tie Shape Is the Best?

Selecting the perfect shape of bow tie depends on your taste. Bow ties come in various shapes, including:

  • The Batwing

People refer to the batwing bow tie as a straight to slim bow tie. It is shorter than other types of bow ties. This style is a clean and contemporary look that is a bit less formal but is appropriate for many events.

  • The Butterfly

This shape is also known as the thistle-shaped bow tie. Its shape is common and quite versatile. The butterfly bow tie fits any face shape and will suit many scenarios. It should be a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

  • The Big Butterfly

Compared to the butterfly, this bow tie shape is larger in size, and people often wear it with a tuxedo at more formal events. If you want to pull off an edgy look, the big butterfly bow tie may suit you.

  • The Diamond Tip

The pointed edges of this bow tie give it its name. It is a style of bow tie that has become more popular in recent years.

  • The Rounded Club

Rounded edges give this bow tie its name. It is less popular than other styles of bow tie. Like other aspects of fashion, there are not a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to bow ties. Consider doing a little research to find the right bow tie for you.