Bow Ties In The News

We're talking hard news.

National Bow Tie Day Q&A with Beau Ties Ltd. CEO David Mutter

I think we agree a bow tie is the most impactful sartorial investment a man can make.

National Bow Tie Day Preparation

It's important to prepare for one of the most important days of the year.

How I wear my bow ties…but you do your own thing

This is just how I like to wear mine. It makes me feel good. It projects my personality. But you're the 'rugged individualist' who decided to wear bow ties. Wear them how you bloody well like.

Review: Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie

Americans can show their patriotism with their bow ties.

Bow Tie Review: Northern Aristocrats Rojo Floral Garden

If you're looking for a bold and bright bow tie, check out the Rojo Floral Garden from Northern Aristocrats.

Reactions to My Valentine’s Beau Ties Ltd. Balendin Bow Tie

Bow Ties and Valentine's Day. What's not to love?

Bow Tie Outfits for Blaine from Glee

Blaine from Glee likes to wear bow ties with polo shirts, which is just wrong. Here are some better outfits for him.

Top 10 Bow Tie Blog Posts of 2014

Of the 120 posts I've written (phew!) so far these were the 10 most visited ones in 2014.

10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

Dress to impress at your New Years Eve party.

December is Tie Month

Ties are so important that they get their own month.

Gift Buyers’ Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

As you hunt for the perfect gift for the bow tie devotee in your life, go ahead and focus on the fun parts of his personality. Allow that to make something that many people dread -- shopping for gifts -- fun.

Bow Ties for Christmas

It's Christmas... and time to have some fun with bow ties.

Bow Tie Infographic

If you're looking for bow tie facts, Bows 'n Ties has some for you.

Thanksgiving Bow Ties

Thanksgiving is a big deal, and there are bow ties suited for the occasion.