Bow Ties for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Bow Ties for Metastatic Breast Cancer

By purchasing this bow tie you can help fund metastatic breast cancer research, awareness, and support.
Gordon Gee

Why Bow Ties Matter to WVU President Gordon Gee

During a video, Gee shows off his current collection of around 1,000 bow ties.
Metastatic Breast Cancer Infographic

Metastatic Breast Cancer

This post is not about bow ties, but it's about a very important topic.
2015 In Review

2015 In Review

Thanks for reading and for your support. I hope that you have a grand 2016!
Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior

Weight Loss and Bow Tie Courage

Nothing makes you want to buy new clothes or get a bit adventurous than feeling like you're looking good.
Two Years of Bow Tie Aficionado

Two Years of Bow Tie Aficionado

I was thinking about doing this site for several months before I actually launched it.
jtjaarda's Bow Ties

Why Bow Ties?

I didn't wear ties at all except when forced to for some formal event. My go-to tie at the time was a 'long' tie with Garfield the cat in a double breasted pinstripe suit. Classy. It was my way to rebel against having this noose around my neck.
Disappointment When I Don't Wear A Bow Tie

Disappointment When I Don’t Wear A Bow Tie

"Oh, bummer," she said. "I like seeing what bow tie you are wearing." I felt like I'd let her down.
Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie

Bow Ties Are Not Cool

With apologies to the eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, Bow Ties are NOT Cool.
Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo from Thunderball

It’s a Bow Tie…not a Bow Untied

Follow Bond's rule: unless you're fighting baddies or bedding beauties, keep your bow tie tied.
Bow Ties In The News

Bow Ties In The News

We're talking hard news.
Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie

Bow Ties at a Funeral

"Should I wear a bow tie?" I asked my wife. "Why not?" she replied.
Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie

How I wear my bow ties…but you do your own thing

This is just how I like to wear mine. It makes me feel good. It projects my personality. But you're the 'rugged individualist' who decided to wear bow ties. Wear them how you bloody well like.
Howard McEwen's Red Bow Tie with White Dots

Bow Ties Are the Practical Ties

I'm a practical guy living a practical life. So I'm transitioning to becoming a full-time bow tie wearer because, hands down, bow ties are a practical while 'traditional' long ties are, in a word, frivolous.
The Courage to Wear a Bow Tie

The Courage to Wear a Bow Tie

Google returns 18,000 hits from "How to tie a bow tie" yet there's very few returns that genuinely describe "How to Wear a Bow Tie."