Howard McEwen Black and White Bow Tie

How My Daughter Got Me to Wear Bow Ties

Why or how she decided this, she could not explain. And after two years of her lobbying, I found myself standing with her in a suburban department store where I relented and bought one.
Born Sneakers and Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes

Fashion Confessions of a Bow Tie Blogger

I'm risking my credibility as a fashion blogger here.
Boy Wearing Bow Tie

Bow Ties for Boys

Men of all ages can wear bow ties.
Blaine Anderson from Glee wearing bow tie with a polo shirt

Bow Tie Outfits for Blaine from Glee

Blaine from Glee likes to wear bow ties with polo shirts, which is just wrong. Here are some better outfits for him.
Bow Tie Quote: "People wear bow ties to make a statement"

Bow Tie Quote: “People wear bow ties to make a statement”

Wearing a bow tie requires confidence, but it is best to pair that with a commitment to use the confidence for good.
Untied Bow Ties

Untied Bow Ties

Most of the time bow ties should be tied, but if they aren't pretied, they look cool untied.
Three frat boys

Bow Ties and Frat Boy Fashion

Frat boys should use bow ties to project the positives of fraternities and not the rowdiness.
Bow Tie Selfies

Bow Tie Selfies

They're easier than they look.
Sir Winston Churchill

Turnbull & Asser Churchill Spot Silk Bow Tie

To wear or not to wear. That is the question.
Bow Ties Should be a Little Crooked

Bow Ties Should be a Little Crooked

Don't get sloppy, but when it comes to bow ties, a little floppy is ok.
Orange and Maroon Bow Tie

Bow Tie Rarity May Lead To Sexiness

You may not see a lot of bow ties, but that's likely a good thing.
Bow Tie Quote: "An Act of Defiance"

Bow Tie Quote: “An Act of Defiance”

Winston Churchill, Matt Smith, and Mad Men's Bert Cooper aren't afraid to buck neckwear conventions -- neither should you.
Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie

News Media: Bow Ties are Back

Knowing something before most other people is always fun.

Bow Ties Aren’t Just for Hipsters

Many different kinds of men -- including hipsters -- should enjoy wearing bow ties.