Top 10 Bow Tie Blog Posts of 2014

Top 10 Bow Tie Blog Posts of 2014

Of the 120 posts I've written (phew!) so far these were the 10 most visited ones in 2014.
2015 Bow Tie Events

2015 Bow Tie Events

As 2015 begins, it is time to look forward with excitement for the great events that the year will bring.
10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year's Eve Parties

10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

Dress to impress at your New Years Eve party.
December is Tie Month

December is Tie Month

Ties are so important that they get their own month.
Gift Buyers' Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

Gift Buyers’ Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

As you hunt for the perfect gift for the bow tie devotee in your life, go ahead and focus on the fun parts of his personality. Allow that to make something that many people dread -- shopping for gifts -- fun.
Bow Tie Club's Festive Santa

Bow Ties for Christmas

It's Christmas... and time to have some fun with bow ties.
Bow 'n Ties Infographic

Bow Tie Infographic

If you're looking for bow tie facts, Bows 'n Ties has some for you.
Bow Tie Quote: "People wear bow ties to make a statement"

Bow Tie Quote: “People wear bow ties to make a statement”

Wearing a bow tie requires confidence, but it is best to pair that with a commitment to use the confidence for good.
Jacki Lyden

The SEAMS: A Kickstarter Project Bow Tie Aficionados Should Support

Fashion and bow ties matter, and they deserve the NPR treatment.
Bow Tie Stunts

Bow Tie Stunts

Just like other articles of clothing, bow ties are used for stunts — sometimes for good, bad, and for kicks.
Statue of Liberty with one of Nick Graham's Bow Ties

Statue of Liberty to wear Bow Ties

Add America's Lady Liberty to the list of famous people who wear bow ties.
Gordon Gee

WVU Bow Ties

West Virginia University men's basketball coach Bob Huggins on wearing a bow tie: "It just kind of seemed like the right thing to do." The fact that WVU President Gordon Gee wears them is a major reason why.
Boo Berry cereal box with ghost wearing a bow tie

Bow Ties and Halloween

Bow ties are typically a sign of formality, but they can be spooky.
Croatian Cravats

Croatia’s Cravat Day is October 18

Cravat Day celebrates the precursor to the bow tie.
Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard from NCIS

NCIS Bow Tie Quote: Impossible to Keep Straight

So, why does Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard from NCIS wear bow ties?