Sir Winston Churchill

Bow Tie Traditions

According to some of his biographers, Winston Churchill wore a bow tie as a tribute to his distant father. Fashion can serve as a way for fathers and sons or friends to establish meaningful traditions.
Three frat boys

Bow Ties and Frat Boy Fashion

Frat boys should use bow ties to project the positives of fraternities and not the rowdiness.
The Gentlemen Movement's Bow Tie on a Vehicle

Improving the Road One Bow Tie at a Time

If a group in Singapore has its way, Chevrolets won't be the only vehicles on the road sporting bow ties. The Gentlemen Movement strives to fight road rage and promote courteous driving through bow ties.
Sean Connery as James Bond

James Bond’s Bow Ties

007 is known for many things: his daring spy work, Bond girls who throw themselves at him, fancy cars, immense charm, and many other traits that make men want to be like him and women to want him. His penchant for bow ties is an integral part of his appeal.
Bow Tie - Happy Father's Day

5 Ways to Get Dad to Wear a Bow Tie on Father’s Day

It is not uncommon to get dad a tie for Father's Day. Take it up a notch this year with a bow tie.
Mad Men's Bert Cooper Bids Adieu

A Bow Tie Guy Bids Adieu

Spoiler alert!