Winston Churchill as John Bull

Bow Tie Bros: The Lion and The Bull

Winston Churchill and John Bull resembled each other, and they shared a penchant for bow ties.
Bow Tie Quote: "An Act of Defiance"

Bow Tie Quote: “An Act of Defiance”

Winston Churchill, Matt Smith, and Mad Men's Bert Cooper aren't afraid to buck neckwear conventions -- neither should you.
Gordon Gee

Happy Bow Tie Tuesday!

West Virginia State Senators join the Bow Tie Caucus and find bipartisanship along the way.
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Use a Bow Tie to Outshine President Obama

If you're ever able to take a selfie with the President of the United States, wear a bow tie.
Dhani Jones

Cool Bow Tie Guys

We can all appreciate and aspire to emulate these top blokes. (Photo courtesy of Talk Radio News Service under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.)
Sir Winston Churchill

The Churchill Centre’s Bow Ties

An organization devoted to the Last Lion's legacy has to pay tribute to his beloved neckwear.
Gordon Gee

Gordon Gee to New York Times: Wearing Bow Ties is a Smart Choice

Wearing bow ties is good for one's career and survival.
Gordon Gee

Bow Ties Growing in Popularity in West Virginia

Bow tie fanatic Gordon Gee is back in West Virginia.
John Bull

Notable Bow Tie Wearing Characters

The world -- real and fictional -- needs dudes with cachet and panache.
Bow Ties in the News

Bow Ties in the News

From teen entrepreneurs to aviation safety to fetishes, bow ties are in the news.
John Paul Stevens

Notable Bow Tie Wearers

Many distinguished blokes wear bow ties.
Sir Winston Churchill

Why Winston Churchill Wore Bow Ties

Why did the Last Lion find bow ties so compelling and important?
Five Bow Ties

Bow Tie Quotes

Former American Football player Dhani Jones says, "When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you."