Croatian Cravats

Croatia’s Cravat Day is October 18

Cravat Day celebrates the precursor to the bow tie.
Sean Connery as James Bond

James Bond’s Bow Ties

007 is known for many things: his daring spy work, Bond girls who throw themselves at him, fancy cars, immense charm, and many other traits that make men want to be like him and women to want him. His penchant for bow ties is an integral part of his appeal.
Sir Winston Churchill

The Churchill Centre’s Bow Ties

An organization devoted to the Last Lion's legacy has to pay tribute to his beloved neckwear.
John Bull

Notable Bow Tie Wearing Characters

The world -- real and fictional -- needs dudes with cachet and panache.
Sir Winston Churchill

Why Winston Churchill Wore Bow Ties

Why did the Last Lion find bow ties so compelling and important?
Mormon Missionaries

Four Bow Tie Bans

What happens when a duck and Mormon missionaries wear bow ties?
10 Interesting Facts about Bow Ties

10 Interesting Facts about Bow Ties

Wearing bow ties is banned in the Iranian province of Gilan.