Ruby Red Tux by Oliver Wicks

When ‘Black (Bow)Tie’ is on the Dress Code

If you've ever been invited to an evening wedding or formal dinner/cocktail party, chances are that you've experienced a "Black Tie" dress code.
Red Bow Tie

Proper Bow Tie Care

There are various things you can do to keep your bow tie looking great, with the first being tying it.
Guest Post: Exallo Wood Bow Ties

Guest Post: Exallo Wood Bow Ties

Each piece is different, because every piece of wood is different and has its own story to tell.
Seaplane Shirts Bow Ties

Bow Tie Review: Bold Options from Seaplane Shirts

Bold doesn't even begin to describe these great bow ties.
Review: Star Trek Bow Ties

Review: Star Trek Bow Ties

To boldly go where no bow tie aficionado has gone before.
Five Tips for Building a Bow Tie Collection

Five Tips for Building a Bow Tie Collection

Building a bow tie collection isn't hard, and it can be fun.
Gift Buyers' Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

Gift Buyers’ Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

As you hunt for the perfect gift for the bow tie devotee in your life, go ahead and focus on the fun parts of his personality. Allow that to make something that many people dread -- shopping for gifts -- fun.
Bow Tie Club's Festive Santa

Bow Ties for Christmas

It's Christmas... and time to have some fun with bow ties.
Sean Connery as James Bond

James Bond’s Bow Ties

007 is known for many things: his daring spy work, Bond girls who throw themselves at him, fancy cars, immense charm, and many other traits that make men want to be like him and women to want him. His penchant for bow ties is an integral part of his appeal.
Bow Tie Club's Lone Star

Bow Tie Quote: “Wearing a bow tie is a statement”

Don't mess with Texas bow ties, y'all! (Image: Bow Tie Club's Lone Star (used with permission).)
Sir Winston Churchill

Turnbull & Asser Churchill Spot Silk Bow Tie

To wear or not to wear. That is the question.
Rabbit with Bow Tie

Easter Bow Ties

Easter is a great time of year to wear a bow tie.
Two Pugs wearing Saint Patrick's Day Bow Ties

Saint Patrick’s Day Bow Ties

Don't get pinched on Saint Patrick's Day by wearing a green bow tie. (Image source: flickr user DaPuglet using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.)
Recycle Symbol

Wonder Lee’s Eco-friendly Bow Ties

As the great Kermit the Frog once opined, it isn't easy being green... But that doesn't mean it can't be fun.