Bow Tie Club's Festive Santa

Bow Ties for Christmas

It's Christmas... and time to have some fun with bow ties.
Bow Ties for Wedding Guests

Bow Ties for Wedding Guests

A wedding is the perfect excuse to wear a bow tie. However, these days such events don't require black and white tie attire -- dress codes that can provide rigid, yet clear, guidelines. Having said that, one can dress for a wedding with little reason to fret.
Beard Balm

Tips for Bow Ties and Beards

Bow ties and beards can coexist with nothing getting frayed.
Sewing Machine

Sewing Bow Ties

Tying your own bow tie is cool, but making one is even more impressive.
Untied Bow Ties

Untied Bow Ties

Most of the time bow ties should be tied, but if they aren't pretied, they look cool untied.
Bow Tie with Patterned Suit Jacket

Five Bow Tie Accessories

Hats, lapel pins, pocket squares, vests, and cuff links can help a bow tie stand out well in an outfit.
Bow Tie Thickness and Length

Bow Tie Thickness and Length

Sometimes thicker and shorter are better.
Alton Brown

Alton Brown on Bow Ties

This celebrity chef who also knows a thing or two about neckwear.
Bow Tie - Happy Father's Day

5 Ways to Get Dad to Wear a Bow Tie on Father’s Day

It is not uncommon to get dad a tie for Father's Day. Take it up a notch this year with a bow tie.
Bow Ties Should be a Little Crooked

Bow Ties Should be a Little Crooked

Don't get sloppy, but when it comes to bow ties, a little floppy is ok.
Rabbit with Bow Tie

Easter Bow Ties

Easter is a great time of year to wear a bow tie.
Vanoli Bespoke Rounded Short Point Shirt

A Shirt Maker’s Take on Bow Ties and Shirts

Paul Vanoli, a high-end shirt maker at Vanoli Bespoke, shares his expert opinion about pairing bow ties with shirts.
Two Pugs wearing Saint Patrick's Day Bow Ties

Saint Patrick’s Day Bow Ties

Don't get pinched on Saint Patrick's Day by wearing a green bow tie. (Image source: flickr user DaPuglet using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.)
Karl von Schwarzenberg

Managing the Bow Tie Look

Former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl von Schwarzenberg pictured here seems to balance bow tie wearing well. He's making a statement that alludes to personal je ne sais quoi while not making himself look like a twit. How can you do that?