Karl von Schwarzenberg

Managing the Bow Tie Look

Former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl von Schwarzenberg pictured here seems to balance bow tie wearing well. He's making a statement that alludes to personal je ne sais quoi while not making himself look like a twit. How can you do that?
El Cupid Bow Tie from Beau Ties, Ltd. of Vermont

Valentine’s Day Bow Ties

Valentine's Day is soon. Surprise your special someone with a romantic bow tie.
Bow Tie with Patterned Suit Jacket

What to Wear with a Bow Tie

There's plenty of options for what to wear with a bow tie -- so, be confident and have fun.
green bow tie

To Tie or Not To Tie

One should tie their own bow ties. Don't fret. It is not that tough.
10 Interesting Facts about Bow Ties

10 Interesting Facts about Bow Ties

Wearing bow ties is banned in the Iranian province of Gilan.
Folke Kyling

Three Major Types of Bow Ties

Bow ties certainly come in different colors, patterns, and sizes, but they also come in different shapes.
green bow tie

Bow Ties at Work? It is a Debate

Some say, "No!" Some say, "Yes." Many say, "It depends."

How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie

The technique is not that hard, and most people should quickly pick up the skill.