Tie Bar Fleur de Lis Bow Tie
It's got all the best qualities of a tie...and it was given by a daughter.
Bow Tie Tip: How To Let People Know You Tied It
I've heard from people that with the prevalence of pre-tied options, some of their friends and family assume that they don't tie their own bow ties. Understandably, this causes bow tie wearers to bristle. So, how do they emphasize that they tie their own?
Bow Tie Questions
There's a lot of questions in this post and no answers. Anyone have any answers?
2015 In Review
Thanks for reading and for your support. I hope that you have a grand 2016!
Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior
Nothing makes you want to buy new clothes or get a bit adventurous than feeling like you're looking good.
Two Years of Bow Tie Aficionado
I was thinking about doing this site for several months before I actually launched it.
jtjaarda's Bow Ties
I didn't wear ties at all except when forced to for some formal event. My go-to tie at the time was a 'long' tie with Garfield the cat in a double breasted pinstripe suit. Classy. It was my way to rebel against having this noose around my neck.
How to Get Your Fella to Wear a Bow Tie
So, you want your fella to wear a bow tie.
Knowing that such men are part of the fellowship, make all of us more interesting.
Disappointment When I Don't Wear A Bow Tie
"Oh, bummer," she said. "I like seeing what bow tie you are wearing." I felt like I'd let her down.
Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior
Soon, I'll be taking my bride to dinner at Orchids. It's a great restaurant with a good barman in a great art deco space at the Netherland Plaza hotel in Cincinnati. This is the tie I'll be wearing.
Bow Ties for Big Necks
If you need a larger bow tie than what's sold, reach out to the makers. They will work with you.
Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie
If you want an affordable way to dip your toe into the world of bow ties...
Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie
With apologies to the eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, Bow Ties are NOT Cool.
Tieroom Pilou Bow Tie
The good gentlemen at Tieroom offered to send a couple ties and a nice flirty looking cotton tie caught my amorous eye.