Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo from Thunderball
Follow Bond's rule: unless you're fighting baddies or bedding beauties, keep your bow tie tied.
Bow Ties In The News
We're talking hard news.
Bow Tie Review: Tieroom Indiana and Maxwell
Tieroom offers a wide variety of ties and accessories at reasonable prices
Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie
"Should I wear a bow tie?" I asked my wife. "Why not?" she replied.
Weybridge 1761 Bow Ties by Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont
A new line and price for bow ties: $25 ($17.61 through 2015)
Donald Owen at Tiger Pride 2014
This Superintendent will donate to a Theater Arts scholarship fund if you wear a bow tie on National Bow Tie Day 2015.
Howard McEwen Wearing the Bow Tie Club Excelsior
Learn how the Excelsior bow tie from the Bow Tie Club made Howard smile after his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Maybe it would work for Alexander, too.
Happy National Beau Tie Day 2015
I think we agree a bow tie is the most impactful sartorial investment a man can make.
National Bow Tie Day Preparation
It's important to prepare for one of the most important days of the year.
Howard McEwen's Red and Blue Bow Tie
This is just how I like to wear mine. It makes me feel good. It projects my personality. But you're the 'rugged individualist' who decided to wear bow ties. Wear them how you bloody well like.
Howard McEwen's Red Bow Tie with White Dots
I'm a practical guy living a practical life. So I'm transitioning to becoming a full-time bow tie wearer because, hands down, bow ties are a practical while 'traditional' long ties are, in a word, frivolous.
The Courage to Wear a Bow Tie
Google returns 18,000 hits from "How to tie a bow tie" yet there's very few returns that genuinely describe "How to Wear a Bow Tie."
Bow Tie Quote: "Gentlemen don't take shortcuts"
Tying a bow tie is an art, not an exact science.
Howard McEwen Black and White Bow Tie
Why or how she decided this, she could not explain. And after two years of her lobbying, I found myself standing with her in a suburban department store where I relented and bought one.
Bow Tie Club Liberty Tie
Americans can show their patriotism with their bow ties.