How to Tie a Bow Tie

Learning how to tie a bow tie by oneself is tricky.  I feel silly about this, but it took me several days of reviewing a YouTube video before feeling comfortable doing it myself.  However, the technique is not that hard, and most people should quickly pick up the skill. In fact, I’ve been able to teach a few people in person, and they were able to get it within several minutes.

Before we proceed to the tutorials, I find that it is a lot easier to look into a mirror, but that’s just me.  Not that anyone cares, but I can do it without a mirror.

So, here are two different resources — one video, one image — to help with the learning process.

Back in July 2012 Nerdist, Chris Hardwick’s nerd news site, posted a great video with Bill Nye the Science Guy, a noted bow tie devotee, explaining the tying process. Enjoy!

For those who appreciate diagrams, check out this nice one created by Wikimedia Commons user Chris 73.

Source: Wikimedia Commons user Chris 73

For additional help…

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