Red Bow Tie
There are various things you can do to keep your bow tie looking great, with the first being tying it.
The Gentleman by Bow Ties & Gents
Men look fabulous in bow ties, and this fashion is already in trend.
Kruwear Bow Tie Review: Madia and Flomo
Mombo and company clearly draw inspiration from different sources than brands in large stores do.
Bow Tie By Design
The bow tie is the tie to end all ties, the knot par excellence.
Culinary Bow Tie Devotees: James Beard, Christoper Kimball, Alton Brown, and Logan Guleff
A bow tie doesn't make one a celebrity chef, but the ties do exhibit many attributes needed to propel one to such status.
US Military Mess Dress Styles
Bow ties enjoy a prominent position in formal military uniforms.
Guest Post: Exallo Wood Bow Ties
Each piece is different, because every piece of wood is different and has its own story to tell.
Bow Ties for Metastatic Breast Cancer
By purchasing this bow tie you can help fund metastatic breast cancer research, awareness, and support.
Seaplane Shirts Bow Ties
Bold doesn't even begin to describe these great bow ties.
Gordon Gee
During a video, Gee shows off his current collection of around 1,000 bow ties.
Metastatic Breast Cancer Infographic
This post is not about bow ties, but it's about a very important topic.
Man wearing a boater hat and bow tie
Bow ties and boater hats go well together -- even in politics.
Stand Out and Shine: Wearing a Bow Tie from Day to Night
We want to celebrate and convince more men out there that wearing a bow tie should be something to consider for day and night occasions.
Tie Bar Fleur de Lis Bow Tie
It's got all the best qualities of a tie...and it was given by a daughter.
Bow Tie Tip: How To Let People Know You Tied It
I've heard from people that with the prevalence of pre-tied options, some of their friends and family assume that they don't tie their own bow ties. Understandably, this causes bow tie wearers to bristle. So, how do they emphasize that they tie their own?